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Another Busy Day at the Festival (Surprise!)

Today was another training day -- Maleah came back as an intern, this year as Marketing Intern, working for Christie. Re-training is generally pretty fast, especially when someone just worked for us the year before.

Almost everybody went over to Starbucks before training. Then I ran upstairs and got the paperwork and started her training.

I's called Donn early on and asked if he could come in, thinking I'd need to blow out Jessica P.'s Profile and re-create it -- and then Donn would need to set it up all over again! But Jessica told me right off that her Outlook was working fine. Seriously???

So I contacted Kris, who told me he had restarted the Server on Sunday. I kept comparing it to hitting somebody on the head and giving them amnesia, then hitting them on the head again and making them normal again. Hahaha. So Kris and I talk it through. If her Profile is corrupt, then I'll still have to re-create it (and Donn will have to Profile the machine from scratch). But for now, we're going to leave it alone and see how it goes. When Donn came in, he felt we should blow it out and do what was necessary -- and I understood where he was coming from. We may still need to do that. I guess we'll see... (sigh)

Anyway, there was plenty for Donn to do, so we discussed that and then he got started, while I was training Maleah.

I also needed to get up the Half Marathon News item -- Rich had already sent out the Press Release.

Marilyn and I went out after my training to get our manicures.

When we got back I went to Anne's Deli to get soup and a sandwich. Rich walked with me.

I had a website meeting planned in the afternoon with Rich and Calisa. We did that late in the day. We're trying to finish up the Sanctioned Eventts for 2017. And we're getting pretty close, actually. And Calisa whipped out several more, while I was doing the latest concert page for the event that's going on sale first thing in the morning.

Marilyn had a meeting at 4:30 that ran late. I was working on website stuff during that, so I heard a bunch of the meeting. I often hear things while plugging away at my desk, which is right near the upstairs conference table...

I wore my new Vans to work today. They're really lovely shoes, but SO UNCOMFORTABLE! Yikes. Hahaha.

We were both tired tonight. I don't even remember falling asleep sitting in my chair.

I did get more than 5,700 steps today! That was walking to Starbucks and to Anne's -- plus running (and I do mean RUNNING!!!) up and down the stairs all day long. I get quite the workout most days at the office.

Marilyn is gathering papers for taxes, so I'm going to go help her...

Total aside: Is anyone else surprised by the changes here at LiveJournal??? More about that later.

I'm just sitting here yawning and yawning. Bedtime soon, thankfully...
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