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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Roger Beats Rafa -- We Take a Drive South on I-5 
tennis ball
Nice day! We watched the tennis final between Roger and Rafa. What a win-win! We love both men, so we could be happy no matter what the result was (Miami Open: Roger Federer beats Rafael Nadal, 6-3 6-4). They played a great match, by the way -- and that's the way a Championship final should go!

Then we thought about driving to Brownsville, Oregon. And just ended up driving South on I-5. It was a dry and partly cloudy day and the drive was nice in spite of tremendous traffic. No surprise, really, when you consider it was the last day of Spring Break for Oregon and the first day for Washington!

First we got Starbucks before heading out. Then we stopped and had foot long coney hot dogs and diet root beer at A & W, which was yummy.

Back home to watch TV and play on our iPads tonight.

We have a three-day week, as Marilyn is taking off Thursday and Friday for her upcoming birthday. Jeff is out of town this week, so Marilyn told me she plans to skip staff meeting this week...

And that's pretty much it for today.

Oh. Except that they've cancelled "Time After Time" this past week, after five episodes. I know they taped several more -- I wish they would at least release those so we could see them. Oh well. Typical ABC crap. Sometimes I don't know why we ever watch shows on that network... (sigh)

Pleasant dreams, everyone.
April 3, 2017 (Monday) 11:42 pm (UTC)
Glad you had a nice day!