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Awakening of the Dragons with the Group from Grand Ronde

Today was the Awakening of the Dragons event on the river. The weather forecast all week had been for a sunny day -- right up until yesterday, when it changed. Naturally we got up to RAIN and cold for this outdoor event. (sigh)

Marilyn and I were both in our casual uniforms. I wore my lightweight black jacket from last year, and Marilyn originally had on her puffy black jacket, but changed into her lightweight jacket, too. THESE WERE FAR TOO THIN to wear today, as it was pretty chilly out there!

We got to the office in plenty of time, then walked over to the event. There was a pretty decent crowd in spite of the less-than-ideal weather. Brett (our current president) couldn't be there, so Teri (our president-elect) spoke on behalf of the festival. It's quite an event with lots of what Marilyn calls 'speechifying' (heh). I love watching the lion dancers perform. And it's cool to have the Buddist monks there. But we were really excited to have the group from Spirit Mountain -- the Grand Ronde group -- there to 'welcome' the Dragon Boats to the homeland. They played drums and and sang. (I was so delighted I was crying happy tears.)

We got a bunch of photos and video and then Marilyn and I headed back to the office to work.

I was doing all the many changes to the Half Marathon page that needed to be done before Monday. (In other words, I'd known I would have to work on it this weekend.) It went pretty well and I thought I got it done pretty fast. But Marilyn was toast and really wanted to leave -- and that was around 2:00-ish.

I finished up and came downstairs, then went to the restroom. When I came out and went to her office, Kris was there. The three of us talked over some important things, then he was going to fix Jessica P.'s Outlook for me that went belly up yesterday.

And we didn't get to leave until 5:30 p.m. We were both SO TIRED by the time we got home. It was a busy week -- and a real killer for Marilyn! And we generally try to rest for at least part of the weekend if we can.

And I get home and have low blood sugar from not eating for such a long time. And, yes, I'd eaten the minute I'd gotten to the office, and again while working on the website. But we were there for hours longer, so... My blood sugar was 66 (really low for me).

Anyway, Marilyn and I found some things around the house to eat. And began watching TV, as we like the METV lineup for Saturday nights, starting at 6:00 with The Wild, Wild West.

Later I made popcorn for us to eat. And we kept watching TV, having moved down to the family room.

But during Wonder Woman we were both crashing really hard. I went to take a nap and Marilyn was sleeping on the sofa. I didn't wake up again until Svengoolie was nearly over.

I've been trying to download the photos from my friend Bill who is a Royal Rosarian. He used to be their photographer for ages, then hasn't been recently. But he's going to do it again this year! I'm so delighted! And he has always shared with me, which is so helpful.

But Dropbox won't work with Win XP at all -- which is what I have here at home! And it didn't seem to be working right via Remote on my Windows 7 computer at work, either. (sigh)

By the way, Kris wasn't able to fix the issue with Jessica's Outlook, I'm afraid. I'll probably have to dump her Profile and re-do it from scratch. That means re-creating it, and then Donn Profiling her machine all over again. What a pain! Especially as she gets extra software (well, Rhino).

So part of today was very productive, and part of it was not. That's the way it goes! Hahaha.

But sitting with Kris, I realized I know one hell of a lot about working with Outlook, the Exchange and the Server -- as well as doing setup on individual computers. Sorry if that sounds like bragging, but it's just a fact...

We are DAYS AWAY from Marilyn's birthday! She's taking off two days -- Thursday and Friday -- to celebrate. I'm sorry she can't take more time, but the week after this coming one is the start of the Living History curriculum in the schools (and she's a big part of that). She does enjoy it, even though it's more work for her!

She's calling her new purse her birthday present to herself. I wish I had something nice for her!!!

Well, time for bed! Goodnight!
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