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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Sunny Day: Website, IT and Oregon City! 
sunshine, sunny
First, I spent the morning in a big push to get the Sanctioned Events pages of our website done. Didn't happen. For one thing, IT interrupted yet again. Shelia contacted me about Quickbooks YET AGAIN (sigh). What a mess.

Then Marilyn phoned me and asked if I wanted to go along to the Oregon City event. So I jumped in the shower and washed my hair and got dressed. She and Suzanne picked me up and we were off.

But NOT before Kris contacted me to shut down the Server! So I had to contact the office and get everyone off of it...

Marilyn, Suzanne and I proceeded to Oregon City and met up with John (from the McLoughlin House) and many more. And saw the show we were there for. I was having a difficult time staying awake for part of it!

Then we had to quickly leave as Marilyn and Jeff were meeting with the Mayor's Office this afternoon!!!

I was immediately dealing with the fallout from having the Server down -- which messed up the Exchange. A bunch of people were having trouble connecting again! I solved most of those, but couldn't get Jessica P. (our seasonal person working with Steven) on again for anything!!! (sigh)

Meanwhile, I was having low blood sugar (probably why I'd be struggling to stay awake at the program in the afternoon).

Shortly after Marilyn returned from the Mayor's Office, she and I took off for the day. We headed home, but stopped briefly at Freddies to get a few things. I was still a bit shaky.

We were watching Roger Federer play tennis when we got here. And trying to phone June and Jim and see if they wanted to go to dinner. Finally reached them, but June had dinner ready to eat, so that didn't happen.

After Roger finally won, we took off and went to Red Robin for dinner, which was nice.

This was a long, long week -- and very busy and tough most the time. We felt we deserved our night out. (smile)

It's now midnight, and Marilyn is asleep on the family room sofa. I just woke up from a short nap in order to take my meds and blog. And I'm heading to bed shortly.

We have the festival event tomorrow, and might end up in the office working. I'd be fine with that, as I have so damn much to do!!!

Got a massage (a chair massage) while in Oregon City, by the way. Isn't that sweet?

April 1, 2017 (Saturday) 10:34 am (UTC)
Do you have a history as an IT person or just life experience? I think I told you that Quickbooks was my specialty since it began in 1994 to 2010. It has come a long way since it began. (Peachtree was the gold standard in 1994 for bookkeeping programs.)
April 1, 2017 (Saturday) 11:44 am (UTC)
Sorry for all the IT problems. I hope they get straightened out!