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Quiet Day Working From Home

I stayed home again today from the festival office. Actually, I can get a LOT done from my home office. Often more than I do at work, because I can focus on the website (for example) without a ton of IT interruptions...

But I seem to be fighting a bug. I've been having a sore throat for a few days. And today I was really chilled. I had to take a hot bath to warm up, then I went to bed and had a long (and feverish) nap in the afternoon.

But I did do website work. And cleaned out more email. For the first time IN MONTHS I'm down to just under 100 emails in my Inbox! (woo hoo) My goal would be to stay under 200 all the time, but it's really difficult -- and especially this time of year! We call our Inboxes our 'To Do' list. Which means if we still need to do something with an email, it stays in our Inbox until it's taken care of...

So that shows two things: One is that I've gotten a bunch of work done. And the second is that I've taken the time to really organize and file my emails. (smile)

Of course, that's ONLY my work email. Not my Home Outlook (which gets tons of stuff forwarded to it), or my Yahoo email, either (which is a total mess). At least I have Cloudmark Desktop One for work and home, but NOT for Yahoo (which is pretty much a disaster). Yeah, I have a gmail account, but I almost never use it, so...

It's difficult to teach most people that they need to spend time organizing and controlling their emails. I think that's because web-based emails are now crazy out of control! It used to be we had LIMITS to how much we could have -- especially in free accounts. (Marilyn and I have had PAID Yahoo email forever.) But now that it seems there are no limits, no one shows any discipline about filing and deleting. Stupid, really...

I was doing some research yesterday about SPAM services. And Jeremiah offered to assist me, too, when I wrote to him about it. We'll certainly need something else when we lose Cloudmark Desktop One. I still can't get over that! (sigh)

Marilyn seems to be having good luck so far with the Peppermint pills she purchased and is now taking for her IBS. She even ate a protein bar AT WORK today!!! Unheard of when she's having one of her flareups. I'm really hopeful this will make a big difference for her. (Prayers and crossed fingers...)

I did clean the stairs that go from the kitchen down to the family room (carpet on these). And I'm going to SLOWLY start doing more cleaning. I just need to avoid working up a sweat while I'm fighting this bug.

Yesterday I did a little bit of cleaning up in the kitchen, and it looks nice. And I picked up the living room, but not much else there. I'd love to clean up the entire house. But it's hard to do this time of year, with all our other work. When we get home we don't feel like it, I have to admit.

I'm sorry to report that our big event on Saturday will not include canoes from Spirit Mountain (Grand Ronde) as originally planned. The high water has closed places so that there's no way to get the canoes to our site. (sigh) But there will still be the Grand Ronde Canoe Family in attendance, singing a traditional song during the Eye Dotting ceremony. Marilyn and I are looking forward to attending. And we're supposed to get GOOD WEATHER for that day!!!

I took away Colin's tissue paper today. It had been from Marilyn's box she got with recently purchased shoes, and was down in the family room. He was CRAZY about it! But he'd torn the stuff to pieces. When I gathered it up he came running, very upset!

Anyway, I gave him a new piece of tissue paper under the coffee table in the living room. We often let the boys have tissue paper there. It's kind of sweet how much they love it. Especially Colin!

Jeff is going to the doctor tomorrow. But I don't know why. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Yesterday we announced that Katie will be leaving the festival the end of April. Donn and I will be moving Jessica into Katie's current space (which is between Rich and Carol). Katie has found her 'dream job,' and is anxious to pursue it.

I think the plan is to move Allison into Jessica's current spot, but I'm not totally sure. I guess we have some time to reason that out.

I was supposed to be training Maleah tomorrow, but I put that off until next week. She actually starts on Monday, so she might as well train then, too. When I spoke to her by phone it turned out she wasn't getting ANY time off on her Spring Break. So I encouraged her to have fun tomorrow. Marilyn was in total agreement. It should be easy to re-train her. She was with us last year and is very sharp. So I figure it won't take all that long...

Can't think what else to share. I guess I should head to bed. Goodnight!
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