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So Much Work Done Today!

I worked from home today and got a TON of the festival website work done! I feel very accomplished tonight.

I was primarily working on the Sanctioned Events pages, but I did a bunch of other stuff, too -- like putting up another concert page (countryfest), fixing the Rose Cup Races page and so on. Busy, busy!

I did phone Hector who said he'd be out to do our gutters, thankfully. I hope that's soon!

Marilyn and I had pasta sauce tonight for dinner. I had it on Barilla Pronto Spaghetti, which is pretty cool stuff! And Marilyn ate it with Swiss cheese (she's avoiding pasta). We had this with sauteed cabbage -- delicious!

I'm proud of the website team -- they were really working hard today! Both Rich and Calisa did some great stuff! (woo hoo) So it's not just me!

Marilyn got a new purse today and is very excited about it. I'm happy for her. (It's a Michael Kors, for those who know the label.)

Carol gave me a lot of work and was very helpful, as well.

Well, off to bed. More soon! Sleep tight, all!
Tags: 2017, barilla-pasta, cabbage, calissa, carol, designer-label, dinner, food, gutters, handbag, hector, march-2017, marilyn, michael-kors, purse, rich, sanctioned-events

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