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Not an Idiot -- PLUS: Errand Day

Just back from seeing the Fifty Shades movie again. Whew. If you haven't seen it, ask yourself why. And you don't have to be a fan of the books (I'm not, as most know). But these are two very, very attractive people. And they have very convincing sex on screen (without being vulgar in the least). An enjoyable viewing experience...

PLEASE let me clarify something: No, I don't really think I'm an idiot. I was kidding (a joke, haha). Or as Marilyn put it when I explained to her: I'm not an idiot, I'm just very slow to solve some IT problems. And that's even MORE funny, really! And I'm actually very proud of myself for resolving this issue, no matter how long it took. I'm pretty good at this stuff, as it turns out. (smile)

I can't wait to tell Donn about it. One of the main thing the two of us share in common is that we're both a 'dog with a bone' when it comes to computer issues! We just try and try and research and research more and try again. And it's hard for either one of us to ever stop. I think he'll especially appreciate the 10-years thing...

Today was ERRAND DAY at our house. Now that sister Sue is living with Larry (and family) and I never see her anymore, she and I can't do our shopping trips together that we've been doing for years and years now.

Anyway, that does mean Marilyn and I have to fit in big shopping trips to make up for the smaller ones Sue and I would do more frequently. And today we went to two different stores and bought a ton of stuff we needed (both food and other items -- like toilet paper and paper towels!!!).

To be honest, I'll miss my trips with Sue. We always chatted and gossiped and had a good time with each other. And almost always got Starbucks at Freddies while doing our shopping. It was like wrapping some shopping into a very social outing.

But Marilyn and I took our bags to the BottleDrop (for both our house and the festival). Then went to both Walmart and Freddies to get what we needed. So that's done for a while, anyway.

And we did take a drive earlier to get McDonald's for breakfast, then down around Sauvie Island, before going shopping...

Other than that we watched some tennis on TV and played on our iPads. And that was our Sunday!

Now we'll have a nap. Then wake up and do a few things before heading off to bed for the night. A good day.

I need to PHONE HECTOR about doing the gutters for us again. We've got overflow near the garage and over the kitchen window, so that's NOT a good sign.

Plus we're still running the furnace, and I need to get out and stick the oil!!!

Can't think what else to share, so I'll call it a day. More soon! Sleep well and take care, friends!
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