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Goodbye to Lueddie -- AND Checking Up (Accomplishments!)

I can't believe I'm days behind again on my blog. The days just get so very busy -- and I'm so tired by the end of each day...

Thursday, March 23
Marilyn wasn't feeling at all well when she headed off to work. She ended up coming home sick in the middle of the day -- feverish, flushed and sick to her stomach. She took an anti-nausea pill. Then I wrapped her up in blankets and she slept for quite a while.

When she woke up she insisted she was going to her meeting in Oregon City, Oregon! And I insisted she was not going alone after being sick. So I dashed to get ready and off we went.

It turned out she needed me at the meeting, as there was talk about setting up the webpage for the upcoming Oregon City heritage days event in June. It was a good meeting -- bad traffic going there AND coming back. Marilyn is such a trooper...

Friday, March 24
Marilyn was off around 7:00 a.m. -- and I actually was up by 7:30, believe it or not!

I spent AGES on some complicated issues. One included the idea of creating Profiles with names and attaching them to the generic Profiles used to set up on machines. That seems to be working out quite well, actually!

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but we made MAJOR HEADWAY this past week with our greylisting issue! I was pretty pleased, considering all the time I'd put into it personally (to say nothing of Kris' help).

I tried to wrap my head around the difference between SEND AS and SEND ON BEHALF OF in Outlook, but I just don't get it! There's no difference I can see in the setup of both -- and there's no simple way I can see to select between them. Christine and I tried messing with it and finally gave up. We figured this is something to do when we're NOT in season and so damn busy... More on that later, I guess!

But I did solve an issue I've had for YEARS. Since I took over IT for the festival back in 2007, actually! In other words, I've been trying to reason this one out now and then for ten years. Hard to believe! I did put in some serious research at various times, but nothing recently. But I had decided I was ABSOLUTELY going to finally resolve this.

It's about setting up Distribution Groups and/or Security Groups in Outlook. Here's the thing: Apparently ANYBODY can set up a Distribution Group! And ONLY THE OWNER of any group controls it. So even the main Administrator -- and all other Administrators (such as me) -- have NO CONTROL AT ALL over such groups. I'm sure you follow me so far. Anyway, when the group owner goes away, there's no one who can change and/or delete a group! And even if someone stays, you can't tell WHO is the group owner! Crazy, huh?

I found this is a common problem and tons of people are searching all the time for a resolution. Most of these are VERY COMPLICATED. Many require more technical knowledge than I have. But in spite of that, I finally discovered the answer! I found where someone had described how it was done. The instructions were BAD, though -- steps were missing or incomplete. I've been through that many times over the years.

Total aside: I've been writing tutorials or instructions of one kind or another for many, many years. Here's the thing! You need to use the correct terms for things -- and not your own words for what you're explaining. (Yes, it can be difficult to know the terms sometimes, but you need to find out what those are.) Others won't know what you're talking about if you use different words, or abbreviate terms in some way. Then you need to be sure NOT TO SKIP STEPS. Don't make the assumption people will know to click on OK or something else like that, because they won't know for sure! My tutorials/instructions are always lengthy, because I never skip anything...

Anyway, I reasoned out the MISSING PARTS of the instructions I'd discovered. And wrote the whole thing out over again (very carefully). Then I applied it, and it took less than FIVE MINUTES per each group! I'm able now to actually CHANGE the ownership of any given group, no matter who originally created it.

I need to MAKE SURE those instructions are online somewhere for others to use! I'm not kidding. Others want to know and need to know. I've no CLUE why you can't come close to an answer at the official Microsoft site. But, for the record, I almost NEVER get instructions there that are helpful to me. It's other sites that have the really useful instructions. (Why the hell is that??? Is it just bad writing, or is it deliberate???)

I felt pretty damn accomplished by the time I'd finished up that task, anyway. Wow. And it only took me ten years to do it. Hahaha. In other words, I'm basically an idiot, but I was lucky this time around. (grin)

Marilyn had a good and successful day on Friday, too. So Friday was a positive day for us.

Saturday, March 25
Today was all about Hillman (we all called him Lueddie) Lueddemann's memorial service. It was a uniform event, so we were anxious to get out the 'blue jackets' so people would see that we'd turned out from the festival to honor him, Janet (his wife) and his family. (Both Lueddie and Janet were former directors of the festival -- and continued to be supporters even after leaving the board.)

Clayton and Dick were both there (they held Jeff's job prior to him). And we got a photo of Marilyn with all three guys! Clayton was the CEO (not called that back then, but same difference) when Marilyn and I first started with the festival decades ago. His wife Jackie was also there (but certainly not Dick's or Jeff's wives). Jackie was always very involved with the festival.

We had a good turn out. From the staff we had Marilyn, Jeff, Carol, Rich, Jessica and me. And many directors (current and past) were in attendance. Plus lots of other people we know. And I got to meet Janet's daughter and daughter-in-law. Plus the daughter of Gwen, another amazing director.

Afterwards Jeff, Mark (past president and current director), Marilyn and I went out for a drink in Lueddie's honor (as we often do after funerals and memorials). Then we came home...

That's actually the short version of the past few days -- but good enough! Hahaha.

Off to bed. Sleep well, friends.
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