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Training Jessica -- the Metro Princesses Announcement -- Low Blood Sugar

Today was ANOTHER excellent training day! Jessica was excellent (like Allison yesterday). I'm so pleased with this choice. And it went quite quickly, too!

Donn came in and we've set up for him to train her on Friday (from 10:00 to noon). I'm sure that will go well.

This has been such an interesting year in one aspect: Every single person I've trained this year (ALL OF THEM, to date) has THANKED me for training them! This has never happened before that I recall. I can't think of anyone that thanked me in the past. I just can't get over being THANKED by all these people for training them. I don't know if I'm doing the training better now (seriously?), or what. But it's been a very lovely thing, I must admit.

A big gang of us went to Starbucks again today (as we always do when we have a new person). Today the guys (Braden and Najib) joined us, I'm happy to say (they didn't go along yesterday). It's such a nice tradition.

Donn came in and did a bunch of work for me while I was training. So much work for him this year...

I took along my uniform this morning, just in case I was able to attend the Metro princesses announcement. Several people talked me into going, as I'd nearly decided against it. I'm so glad I went! There were eight finalists there -- four Metro East and four Metro West. They all presented their speeches and it was wonderful hearing them talk about the festival. I cried a little during each speech. Anyway, it was so good to remember this aspect of what we do. It's really motivating. Every single member of our staff should attend one of the announcements...

Anyway, these are nearly over for this year. I'm pleased with how smoothly the entire process has gone.

Our dear friend Leslie (who chairs the Court program) was very sick today, poor thing. Marilyn had an afternoon meeting with her, then Leslie was one of the people attending the Newsmakers dinner tonight.

After the announcements Marilyn brought me home. Unfortunately, I ended up with low blood sugar. Wow, did it end up making me feel lousy! I ate something, then decided to lie down and have a nap.

When I got up I tried to phone sister Sue, who has been staying at her son Larry's house (with him and his family). Apparently she hasn't charged her phone. I found that out by texting Larry. I tried phoning him, but didn't reach him to actually talk to him. If I'd been able to do that, I might have asked to speak to Sue... But he did text back and forth with me for a couple of minutes, anyway.

Apparently I not only can't see Sue, but I can't talk to her, either. I guess that's okay. But I do miss her. I'm grateful, though, that she's being well cared for (of course). It's nice not to worry about her being alone all day long while Candy's at work. I think she's going to be moving in with them for good, though I have no idea what they'll do with all her stuff...

Adeena and I texted a bit tonight. And we were just going to talk on the phone when Marilyn got home.

Marilyn ended up as part of the programming this evening! She's such a good sport that she willingly played along. They warned her a few minutes in advance, and she got up and spoke about the festival and updated people on things. I really wish I could have seen that! I've never yet attended a Newsmakers event, as surprising as that is. And due to a confusion, our table had two empty seats, so I could have been there. That's how it goes. Hahaha.

Marilyn left the Newsmakers event early. Jeff phoned when she got home to say that one of the people honored apparently decided to take the opportunity to speak ill of our festival. Jeff didn't hear it all, but said it seemed very inappropriate. I guess it was about bigotry. That's be honest. Portland has a history of bigotry. But in the past several decades, there has been no bigotry at the festival. We're very diverse. Our 2007 President was not only a woman, but a black woman (the Leslie I mentioned above). And I guess Leslie had already departed, or she probably would have spoken to the person in question. Leslie is very protective of the festival. So we went from eight young women saying amazing and wonderful things about the festival and how it impacts not only Portland, but the Pacific Northwest (and beyond) in the afternoon, to someone with a long-time grudge speaking out in opposition to the festival tonight. What a shame.</lj-text>

I did watch some TV tonight, including "Speechless" and "black-ish." I really like BOTH of those shows, even though I don't always get to watch them... Marilyn and I like watching "The Middle," "American Housewife" and "Fresh Off the Boat" on Tuesday nights. So I guess you could say we like a lot of the shows on ABC...

But our late-night viewing is "Frasier," "Cheers" (we watch it but aren't great fans) and "I Love Lucy." You know, we've been watching "I Love Lucy" since we were children, and it's still a delight. And you just can't beat the writing on "Frasier." Such a wonderful show.

Well, time for bed. Marilyn's sound asleep on the sofa in the family room.

Pleasant dreams, everyone!
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