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Major Work Today: Send As (and Send on Behalf Of)

If this complicated and detailed thing actually WORKS, then I have Marilyn to thank, really. We were discussing this as we drove to the beach on Saturday -- and today I tried to put it into practice...

In THEORY it sounded simple enough. But to make it happen is far more complicated.

Here's the thing: Every year we create generic Profiles for a number of people on our seasonal staff. Creating a Profile is relatively simple -- but doing the Profile on a given computer can take from 90 minutes to two hours per each one (or longer). Donn and I have a very detailed system we follow (that I started years back). Every machine is set up the same way. When we say we're Profiling a machine, that's what we mean. It's making the settings for every major software the same everywhere.

Anyway, the generic Profiles save us time and money. But I've never much liked them, really. It means people use something like 'Receptionist' in place of their actual first and last name.

But if this NEW system works, we can create a named email that will attach to the generic Profile. Today I was setting some up and then trying the methods that would make it work.

I'm using settings that involve the Exchange on the Server --- rather than doing it by loading each new Profile/email on an individual machine. There are so many things to test!!! If you can Send As a given email address, can you also easily receive the replies to your email? Can you use it on your mobile phone, or not? Will it work with the web-based Outlook OWA? Does it easily forward to your generic Profile for viewing? And on and on and on...

I didn't spend the entire day on this, but damn close! Hours and hours.

And I used Braden as my test subject. He totally understood what we were going for and was still trying it late in the day.

Aside from that, I did some laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and did two separate loads of dishes.

I was also looking for Marilyn's first ever iPod (an expensive early version) that she gave me some time back. I can't believe I can't just walk right to it! That's NOT like me.

But because I couldn't (and didn't want to spend too much time on hunting for it), something else cool happened! I took my OLD iPhone and turned it into an iPod! It's just been sitting around unused, as it's no longer set up to be a phone (obviously). So I dumped most of the programs, as I'll never use them again. The goal is to simply focus on the MUSIC on them.

iPods require earphones -- but not the iPhone (which has speakers built in). And for whatever crazy reason, my NEW iPhone is MISSING a ton of my music!!! Anything NOT purchased from iTunes didn't transfer. And Marilyn and I had manually loaded a bunch of our CDs to our iTunes library ages ago. That stuff IS on my old phone, though!

And then I got out my even OLDER iPhone (which I'd tried to give away a couple of times in the past) and did the same with it. It, too, has the music not on my new iPhone...

It probably sounds CRAZY to use iPhones as iPods, but what the hell! I was never going to sell the old ones. I'm too paranoid about whatever personal stuff has been on them. It's one thing to give it to a family member or a friend, but another entirely to sell it to a stranger. And these ARE old phones with issues -- which is why I got NEW phones, right? But who cares if they work perfectly as phones when I'm not using them for phones??? They both seem to play music just fine. Hahaha. I'm even taking one of them with me to work tomorrow...

Marilyn had another long day -- and was again avoiding eating (which is absolutely necessary right now). She came home late tonight, ate some peanut butter from the jar then headed to her massage therapy session with Amanda in Donald, Oregon. She got back much later and we both had some light and healthy frozen dinners to eat, before heading for 'naps.' I just woke up (it's around 2:30 a.m. right now).

I'm training Allison tomorrow and the new Jessica on Wednesday. I was hoping to set up a phone meeting with FISH, but it didn't happen...

The Metro princesses announcement is on Wednesday at 2:00 -- I'd love to go if I get done in time... (Which would mean either wearing my uniform to work, or changing into it.) I guess we'll see.

Kris was going to do the migration of the finance Quickbooks data from Sheila's personal computer to the Server tonight. Long story, but it was unable to happen over the weekend. I think he did it, but I'll check with him tomorrow (I talked to him at length today). Donn will be at work tomorrow...

Time to head to bed for real now!

I couldn't manage to force myself to color my hair tonight, no matter how hard I tried. It's such a pain to do it and I was tired and not in the mood. Stupid, when I have new people to train! I sit so close they can easily see everything about my appearance. I'm not kidding! We're inches away from each other.

And Marilyn and I have a social engagement directly after work tomorrow night with Candee and Roger that has supposed to happen for ages (so I won't be doing my hair tomorrow night!).

Finally, I got a message from our friend Shari that they put a heart monitor on her for the next couple of days. I know that's okay -- Marilyn and Sue have both had them in the past -- but your thoughts and prayers are still appreciated on her behalf. I can't believe I missed her call today... I need to try and either write or call her tomorrow (if there's time).

I tried to phone sister Sue today, but couldn't reach her. I suspect her cell phone is turned off -- and she can never figure out how to turn it back on again. (sigh)

I can't believe how BUSY it is for March! Maybe it was the same last year, I just don't remember. But it seems busier to me. So much work to do!

Goodnight, friends!
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