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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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At Our Beach House 
We're at our beach house, taking a well-earned mini-vacation (sans cats). We managed to leave by 11:00 a.m., which is pretty unheard of for us.

The cats will be unhappy, but fine, as we're only staying overnight. They were left with loads of food and plenty of water, plus television in two rooms and the furnace turned up. And a dish of fresh catnip. So they'll do okay. (smile) Spoiled as always, in other words.

We had a wonderful drive down, with no rain and lots of sunshine and blue skies, in spite of the clouds.

Today was the monthly flea market in Svenson, so we were able to stop there and shop -- great fun, really!

Marilyn had her issue in the late afternoon, but we were home, so it was okay. We'd originally planned to go out tonight, but that was easy to change. We stayed in and watched all our usual METV shows. The Incredible Hulk was quite a good episode, as was Wonder Woman. And it was a favorite on Star Trek. I think we love Star Trek even more than we used to, if that's possible!

And Svengoolie was playing one of our all-time favorite movies, The Uninvited (we even own it on DVD). We already had it on our beach house DVR.

We went to bed before it was over, lying in Marilyn's room playing our game (SimCity BuildIt) for a bit. Then we put on our light therapy masks, which we haven't used in ages (not at all in 2017 before tonight).

Even a quick trip like this can be relaxing for us -- especially after a difficult week like last week...

By the way, Marilyn spoke to sister Sue last night (who is still with Larry and his family). Can't recall offhand if I mentioned that in yesterday's blog.

We went for seafood cocktails at the Bell Bouy restaurant, and our friend Jon was there. He did a spell in the hospital since we saw him (!!!), and is lucky to have survived it. He's always so friendly, and even knew this was a busy time for us at work.

We did have popcorn tonight, by the way.

And we bothe had over 5,000 steps for today! How about that?!

Goodnight, and happy dreams, all.
March 19, 2017 (Sunday) 12:24 pm (UTC)
Yay for mini-vacations!
March 19, 2017 (Sunday) 02:57 pm (UTC)
The Fausta episode of Wonder Woman is my absolute favorite of Season 1 and of the entire series. The first season is THE season for me. :)