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Leg Cramps (Yes, Again) -- Adeena Visits the Festival Office

Well, I DID get my garbage and recycling (and composting) done last night. Then around 4:00 a.m., both Marilyn and I washed our hair. We were up for a bit longer before heading back to bed...

I haven't slept well because of the leg cramps and was sound asleep when Marilyn headed out for work. But she'd told me she'd come and get me later in the morning. So I slept on (did I ever need it!).

I had LEG CRAMPS all day long. I'm now drinking Gatorade as well as taking my pills. And supplements, too. I'll speak to my doctor when I see her about this, but from what I've read there doesn't appear to be an actual solution. Wow, it's hard to believe I'll have these all the time from now on! (ugh)

Anyway, Marilyn woke me at 9:00 and I had a hell of a time getting up! I was yawning so hard my eyes were just watering and watering. (I had tears flooding down my face, in other words.) But I did get up and do my whole routine. Then she and Adeena came to get me to bring me in to the office.

I was dressed in green, of course (we're part Irish on Dad's side). I had on my green and black pants, and wore some green jewelry, including my jade earrings from sister Sue and my jade bee pin from Dad. I found Mom's pin for Marilyn to wear -- she already had on a cute green top and green socks! Adeena wore green socks, too. A lot of people in our office had green on. (smile)

Adeena and I had a meeting about the website. I officially added her back to the Staff page as web assistant (she still has her festival email account) today.

Then we went to lunch (Chinese) and I had my wonderful green beans for lunch again. So yummy!

Donn came in and got a ton of work done! He Profiled two and a half machines today, which is amazing!!!

He's had very, very bad news about getting his mortgage, so your prayers/good thoughts are appreciated. They suddenly need a large sum of money to finish the deal and I have no idea how they'll be able to get it. But we're all trying to stay hopeful. I really don't want him to lose his home...

I got 5,000 steps today and Marilyn was finishing up for her 5,000 steps on the treadmill when I came up to blog.

It was another NASTY rainy day and there is flooding everywhere here. But tomorrow is supposed to be a better day. We're planning to drive down to the beach house.

The office was closed early today, which was actually nice. It was officially closed at 3:00, and we left around 4:00. We could stand to do that a bit more often, actually!

What else?

Oh! I've tried to reach sister Sue by phone but haven't been able to. But she called here while I was napping this evening and spoke to Marilyn. She's living with Larry and family now, and I guess that's permanent. She can't really move all her things there, as they don't have the space currently, but they're supposedly looking for a new house. I guess we'll see how that goes. But I haven't personally spoken to Sue in days, which seems very strange, I have to admit.

It's COLD outside tonight. And still raining. Everyone here is so SICK of the nasty weather. We've had a hard winter.

Marilyn saw one of the bruises I get on my stomach tonight. Hahaha. They can look pretty awful if you don't expect them. It happens from injecting insulin because the needles are so dull...

I'm excited about having the whole weekend off! Wonderful.

I train two new people next week. One on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.

And that's my Friday.
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