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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Rain and More Rain -- Website Meeting Goes Well 
rainy field
I was going in today to train Kelly. But in all honesty, Marilyn and I both felt she was going to end up quitting -- she did that today. Everyone liked her and wishes her well. But this was clearly not the job for her.

I had a website meeting with Rich and Calisa at my desk upstairs. We went through several things, then took the full (current) list of Sanctioned Events and one by one divvied them all up (including some for Adeena, who is coming in Friday). This meeting went really well! And Calisa immediately got in and did several things in the afternoon...

I think Adeena will not only do those items we picked for her, but end up helping me with some of my stuff. She was a tremendous help last year. Christine will mainly be out of the website business going forward, though she's been doing the princesses as they're selected. I'm very impressed by how on top of things Rich is, and glad to have Calisa more involved. It's all good.

I looked back to this day LAST YEAR (HERE) and discovered I had an even MORE hectic day then than now. Considering this has been a difficult year, that was sort of good to know...

Marilyn's health issue has returned, I'm afraid. So she can't eat (and barely drink) all day long. She went to lunch with her friends Marcia and Gail and ordered something so there wouldn't be any drama, but didn't touch a bite. I hate it for her that she has to wait until we get home to finally eat. And hate that even then she suffers so much, poor thing.

She had a VERY HARD DAY today. And she was dealing with annoyances from a lot of various people on staff, among other things. She NEVER asks for anything, but considering her workload, it would be nice it people could step it up for her. (sigh)

I will clearly NOT be training a new person on Friday, as that hire has not taken place yet. That's fine, but I'll still need to go in so I can meet with Adeena about website. I'll probably stay home tomorrow so I can focus on my website updates without IT interruptions.

Ironic that Jim had to take me to a dental appointment last year! I suppose I should have asked if he could have taken me this week, too. Oh well, I didn't think about it.

Sister Sue has been staying out with her son Larry and his family. I haven't spoken to her much recently... (I wonder if that's how it will be from now on... ???)

Oh! I woke up to TERRIBLE leg cramps (that even moved into my arms). I mean, I was screaming in pain at one point. But it finally settled down and I was able to get ready for work. Yes. I hydrate all the time. Yes. I am taking potassium. It appears to be related to both the insulin and diabetes in general. Thank God for those little pills I take!!!

It's been continuing to POUR DOWN RAIN here -- and there's a ton of flooding! That includes the RIVERS flooding, by the way! Such a terrible mess. (Marilyn has had water in her closet. Rich has flooding on his back porch.)

Rich and I went to lunch (Chinese) today, which was nice! I had green beans and ate the leftovers for dinner tonight. Very yummy.

Sheila was VERY HAPPY today about the Quickbooks. (Got Kris' invoice for recent work which was $2,000. We knew it would be expensive.) Hopefully we won't have more issues for finance for some time to come.

No updates on the greylisting issue. Thankfully people have QUIT bothering me about it after yesterday's discussion in staff meeting. Good!!!

I think I'll have Donn come in on Friday...

I need to move forward with the template for the Half Marathon eNewsletter, but have been so swamped I haven't gotten to it yet... (Maybe tomorrow???)

Time for bed!!!
March 16, 2017 (Thursday) 03:36 pm (UTC)
Hoping both your health issues settle down, Charlie. Cramps are so horribly painful and not being able to eat is just as bad in another way.
March 16, 2017 (Thursday) 10:59 pm (UTC)
I hope both you and Marilyn are feeling better soon!