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Busy Day (Week???)

No, I can't believe it's ONLY Tuesday!!! It seems like a LONG week already, I have to tell you...

Kris was in the office for HOURS AND HOURS today, thankfully! He's resolved our Quickbooks issue that's been causing problems for ages.

We've got the latest version of Quickbooks (updated today!), plus a year of support. It's nice to have one major IT-related issue taken care of, thankfully.

We discussed the greylisting today at Staff meeting. I made it clear there was nothing else that I could do. So people need to quit informing of bouncebacks and so on. It's going to resolve itself, hopefully...

Marilyn ran the Staff meeting, with Jeff out of town. Both Braden and Najib got to attend the meeting (Jeff told Marilyn it was okay for them to be there), which was cool. We celebrated Katie's recent birthday with fruit and mini-cupcakes.

I FINALLY caught up all the Princess bios. I can't believe how long it took me to do that.

Marilyn and I were at work until past 8:00 tonight. And had to stop and shop on the way home, so we didn't actually reach the house until past 9:00. Long, long day...

I've been so tired recently that I just haven't been able to motivate myself to keep up my blog again. Which is sad for me...

I missed my dental appointment today (to get my teeth cleaned, which I was really, really looking forward to!). Basically sister Sue decided not to go get her extractions, so I decided to go to work (planning on training Kelly today). That's the end of Sue and I having dental appointments together. And Kelly was out sick again, so no training happened. Not that I didn't have an extremely busy day, because I did!

I'd wanted to meet with Rich, but that didn't happen, either... (sigh) Hopefully soon!

I did get my email in my Inbox down from nearly 900 items to just over 400. I wish it was lower!

Too tired to write more, even though I have a ton to report.

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