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Training Braden -- Roosevelt's New Princess

I wore this shirt to work today (until I changed in the afternoon). Marilyn and I always call it my volunteer of the year top. Hahaha. It's what I was wearing back in 2012 for my 'official' photographs... (And, yes, I still love it.)

A brand NEW position at the festival -- these three people who will make up our Group Sales Team (under the supervision of Jason). They finished their sales training yesterday, and today I gave my usual training to Braden, who will be sitting next to Angel and just outside Jeff's office.

I like all three of these young people. And I really enjoyed training Braden.

We started out with a VERY WET (brr) and cold trip to Starbucks (as usual). Donn has misunderstood my instructions, so Braden computer was in the WRONG cubicle. But we managed to do the training, even so. Donn will be back tomorrow and fix the issue. And help with tons of other work. I couldn't do it without him!

Kris phoned while I was training and planned to come in to see me for at least half an hour. We dashed off to Anne's for a quick lunch meeting. Then I had to hurry back to change into my uniform to head to Roosevelt for the Princess announcement.

By the way, they're doing amazing work at Roosevelt, but what a mess! Construction is everywhere, so it's hard to get from one place to the next! The new auditorium was a surprise, but we finally found it (after asking a student for help). Surprisingly, Marilyn and I were not introduced (we usually are). But Jeff was there, and he was...

Marilyn was on television at 11:00 a.m. -- I still haven't seen the entire show. I caught part of it during training, and she did a great job! She's always amazing when she does TV or radio. And she looked wonderful! I totally forgot to phone our sister Sue to tell her to watch -- but June and Jim managed to see it totally without me phoning! And June told me to tell Marilyn that her performance was A+.

Marilyn dropped me home on her way back to the office. Originally she had planned to come directly home, but Katie had asked to meet with her, so back she went. (More about that meeting later on.) As Marilyn told me, it's very important to her to support Katie. (By the way, Katie is our Court person this year.)

Jessica was back today and feeling better, I'm happy to report. She's dealing with a pet (their dog J.D.) in the hospital, so my prayers are with her...

Kris was resolving the finance Quickbooks problem. I'm sure I'll hear more tomorrow...

I was drenched when I came home late afternoon. It was like I'd just washed my hair! I had to towel and then blow it dry. Awful. And I was so tired I fell asleep sitting up at one point. Training is always exhausting for me.

I train Najib tomorrow. (woo hoo)

I (finally!) added these three Group Sales staff to the website (on the staff page). And removed the now-departed Nasiem...

Marilyn has been having problems with her iPhone. Hopefully we can resolve those. Otherwise I want her to take my OLD phone, which has far more memory than hers does!

As for me, I managed to successfully set up my NEW iPhone 7 in the middle of the night! (woo hoo) By the way, I got the Rose Gold version, which is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to take some photos so I can see how much better these are than with the older versions of the phone...

Spaghetti (green veggie) for dinner -- Marilyn is avoiding pasta, so she ate the sauce with one of her low carb wraps.

We watched "Designated Survivor" which we'd missed when it actually aired. It's a good show. I was reading some reviews for "Time After Time," which critics seem not to like. I'm not sure why, though. Anyway, Marilyn and I found it entertaining!

Can't think what I'm forgetting! A busy day tomorrow. I still need to do the recycling and composting tonight. NOT looking forward to that, as it's continuing to POUR DOWN RAIN (and it's cold). I really do not want to go outside!!!

I'm off for a NAP any second, though!

Actually, I just made TWO changes to the website. I didn't have any time earlier today to do this... But I got a 'start' on the official charity page (all probably temporary, but better than nothing!) and fixed an upload to the Circus Corps page that Angel sent me...

And that's MY day! How are all of YOU???
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