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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Rough IT Day -- New iPhone (More Problems) 
March 8, 2017 (Wednesday) 11:59 pm [2017, busy, dentures, february-2017, group-sales-team, it-related, marilyn, sister-sue]
It was a difficult IT day. (For those who might not know, Information Technology -- which I always refer to as IT -- is the use of computers, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data. Isn't THAT a mouthful?)

Today I was dealing AGAIN with the greylisting issue of the past couple weeks. I'd been very convinced on Monday that it was resolved, but now I'm just not sure... Jeremiah at Atmosera has been a WONDERFUL help (and continues to be a great help). He and I were emailing back and forth all morning.

I'm getting TONS of emails from various staff members regarding this. I could spend every second just replying to those (if I had time).

Sister Sue and I drove into St. Johns this afternoon. The dentist who is supposed to do her dentures has been impossible to reach. Nor did we manage it today.

After that we shopped briefly at Freddies. It was cold and pouring rain. Very nasty.

During that time I couldn't get away from work. Such a busy day.

Donn and I talked several times. Kris and I spoke. There's so much to do.

The Group Sales Team graduated today. I'm proud of them. I look forward to training them.

Marilyn brought home my new iPhone. I backed up the old one via iTunes -- BIG mistake. You can't restore to the iPhone 7 if you're running on Win XP. Thanks, Apple. Now I'm backing up via iCloud. It's taking HOURS and HOURS to do it. Geez, I hope it works... Next I'll need to Restore to the new phone the same damn way...

Oh well. Hopefully I'll get the new phone working at some point.

Time for bed. I'm so tired. Busy day tomorrow.
March 9, 2017 (Thursday) 11:56 am (UTC)
Holy Cow!!! Win XP? Really? Hasn't Microsoft quit supporting that OS and a while ago? I think a few other programs might not work with that either due to it's age.
March 10, 2017 (Friday) 01:32 am (UTC)
Hope you can get the IT stuff straightened out!