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Good and Bad Day - Good Board Meeting and IT Woes

The Board Meeting went really well. Marilyn did a great job speaking. She is seriously one of the best speakers I've ever heard, anywhere. Others, including Jeff, did well, too.

We did a board photo and staff photo (Vern took those).

Afterwards we went to Hooters with Jeff (Marilyn and me).

Now I still need to do the recycling so I can head to bed. I'm really BEAT.

I had a ROUGH IT day (yes, again). We've got some crazy issue with Outlook bouncing back to us that Kris doesn't seem to understand -- and I have no clue what to do!

We did restart the Exchange, for all the good THAT did. Actually, I was put out we did it without warning the staff...

I was on the floor in my good (uniform) pants SEVERAL times. (sigh) But it looks like we don't need a new ethernet switch, anyway. That was good news...

I got nearly 10,000 steps today -- only 500 shy. Damn. If I was going to walk 9,500 steps, why couldn't I get those few more?

I awoke to major leg cramps this morning, so I can only imagine how bad it will be tomorrow!

I drank quite a bit of wine at the Board meeting. So I had COFFEE at Hooters! (smile)

It was damn COLD today. It's supposed to be worse tomorrow.

Donn's coming to work to set up Profiles (thankfully!). Christine and I are going to go look for cubes or desks for the new spaces...

I need to help Kate with the eNewsletter for next week. I never got a chance to check her code today -- too damn busy with IT (for hours!).

Better get the recycling out if I ever want to get to bed.

Sweet dreams, all!
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