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Back in Portland -- Lovely Trip to the Beach House!

Colin has just come in the office and is sitting next to me on his stool (not sure why he ended up with a stool and Henry with his own chair, but they both seem happy with what they got!). I just petted him and he purred...

It's actually past 3:00 a.m. and I need to GO TO WORK at the festival office tomorrow!!! And I have to yet WASH MY HAIR and get several things ready right now for 'in the morning' (um, it's morning NOW!). I fell asleep earlier and well, here I am!

I can hear Henry downstairs with his rope making a racket. (Just checked. Yes, with his rope. What a horny kitty. Hahaha.) He didn't appear to have bothered the sleeping Marilyn, thankfully! Actually, I'm grateful to him that he howled and woke me several minutes ago! My cat alarm.

We got back from our trip to the beach around 4:30-ish today (left around 1:30-ish from the Seaside house). We tried putting the cats way in the back of the car coming home, considering we had a MISERABLE TRIP DOWN on Saturday, with Henry howling loudly the entire time (sigh). This worked better. Which isn't to say he didn't howl at all, but we could stand it better without having him directly behind us screaming into our ears!

This, after I gave him two doses of his 'calming' drops, too. Um, can you say 'they don't work?' -- clearly they don't (sigh). So much for that hope! We hadn't done that for Henry prior to the trip there. Well, the drops are expensive, so what the hell...

From now on they ride way in the back! Not kidding about that one!

We had a LOVELY TIME at the beach house, in spite of the fact that it poured down rain the whole time. Oh well. It was still nice getting away.

We went last night (Sunday night) to see the new Fifty Shades movie (again). I enjoyed it more the second time and found it less boring than I had the first time. (I was so damn tired the first time, maybe that colored my experience.)

We did 'see the ocean' even though we didn't walk on the beach. That's been one of our goals ever since getting the beach house. But the wind was whipping and the rain pouring and it was COLD, so we didn't last much! The ocean was also way in. There was a lot of water EVERYWHERE down there, frankly. Flooding is a problem now... I'm glad our house has no issues that way at the beach. (Enough worries about that here in Portland!)

Well, lots more to share, but NO TIME tonight! I'll try and blog again tomorrow!

I hope everyone is doing well! Sweet dreams!
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