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IT Win -- Garbage Day, Pouring Rain

The day started with work on Katie's computer. I thought I needed to add it back to the Server, but that wasn't the issue. The cable connecting the phone to the internet/Server wasn't plugged in properly. Anyway, to be safe, we're going to get a decent surge protector for her space (it should have happened ages ago), as that space seems to be prone to power surges. And it didn't hurt to take her off and put her back on the Server. Anyway, it's all working fine now.

But it was a bit tense in the morning!

Then Marilyn, Rich and I went in the POURING DOWN RAIN to get Starbucks. Rich and I were soaked -- Marilyn had enough sense to use an umbrella. My hood kept my head dry, but wow. Nasty weather!

Then Marilyn did bring me back home again, as I was still under the weather. These bouts of constipation (which I've had since childhood) also tend to make me dehydrated, and that tends to give me leg cramps. I've already been dealing with leg cramps like CRAZY recently. That means I don't get normal sleep, so I was very tired today. I ended up napping for hours in the afternoon.

Adeena and I talked in the afternoon, which was nice. And I also talked to Donn -- who did not get his appraisal today (they postponed until tomorrow, instead). He's on pins and needles, so I hope it goes well!

We have a couple of court-related meetings tomorrow. And Donn and I need to start making a plan for all the new people who will be starting quite soon... He hopes to be in late morning (or early afternoon). He'll be taking me home after, as Marilyn is going directly from work to a concert with Adeena.

Marilyn got home tonight, where I'd been working on the garbage and recycling (it's that day!). Yes, Dad, it always rains on garbage day. Hahaha. Thankfully it wasn't pouring this evening!

We headed first to the Freddies further away (but still on Lombard). I got socks, she didn't find the tee she wanted. Nor did we find Hickory Farms sausage! Apparently Fred Meyer doesn't carry it except during the holidays, for whatever reason. (All they've had at our local Freddies is TURKEY sausage, not beef.)

But we went to Safeway and they had LOADS of the sausage, so we got several. Plus more cornbread. And some cottage cheese. And that's what we had for dinner! Yummy!!! We both LOVE cottage cheese, by the way.

Then we watched Frasier on Netflix. Marilyn's asleep, and I'm just getting ready to lie down. I still need to get up and FINISH the garbage and recycling -- but all that's left is the cat boxes and taking things down to the curb, thankfully...

Can't think what else I'm forgetting to share. Oh, yes! I wore my new green top (with sparkles) to work today. (Got it at Ross.) Everybody loved it.

Marilyn got her underarms 'zapped' today. The first of several treatments to get rid of her hair permanently. I'm glad she's doing it.

Dr. Gorin does the double chin thing, too. I've hated my chin since childhood, so Marilyn thinks I should consider getting it done. Wow, that could be so cool. I can't imagine suddenly having a chin I could love. Hahaha. I wonder what it costs?

Well, going to lie down now. I'm tired.

Oh! And I got more than 5,000 steps today, amazingly enough. I barely got 2,000 yesterday...
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