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Feeling Crummy...

Home today, not feeling that hot. Don't worry, it's NOT a bug. It's a 'gastro' issue and one I'm very used to, really. But a pain, still. (And I had hoped it would be resolved by now -- no such luck.)

I hadn't planned to go to work again until Friday, actually. But today Katie was having some very serious issues with her computer. Things that must be resolved by sitting in front of the machine. And Donn has his appraisal tomorrow, so he's not free. I'll need to force myself in the office, anyway...

I took it pretty easy today. I did a little tidying around the house, did a load of dishes and some more in my bedroom. And answered some emails. I also did some minor website stuff. Nothing that big.

It was raining and chilly all day. It seemed like I couldn't get the house to warm up. Which reminds me that I still need to stick the oil again!

I did fool around with my Netflix profile, though. That was interesting! Marilyn and I just recently got Netflix, so we don't really know how to use it, yet. But it seems easy to understand. I was enjoying watching an episode of Frasier UNCUT!!! That was pretty cool, actually.

And I did the noon meeting via the phone about setting up spaces and profiles for this year for the office. That was primarily Marilyn and me, working with Jason (it's his team), and with Jeff mostly listening in and only commenting a little. Managing spaces at the festival has been one of my personal jobs for decades -- long before I officially joined the staff. And Marilyn is the Chief Operating Officer of our organization, so this is all her purview, of course. (We're pretty damn good at it, to tell you the truth.) We have limited space in this building, so we're having to get creative. But it should all work out. With Donn's help, of course!

So I need to create new profiles and prepare the phones and help Donn get computers in place and set up profiles on those.

I did talk to Donn today. He's pretty nervous about tomorrow. All good thoughts and prayers are really welcomed and appreciated, friends! His shop wasn't permitted when it was built, so he's worried they might have a problem (which I sincerely doubt, really). Anyway, he needs a good appraisal in order to get the mortgage to keep their home. So we're all pulling for him! He's been stressed about it for months now, understandably...

Chatted with sister Sue this morning. She was at her son Larry's house with him and his family last night for dinner (for Valentine's Day). Sounds like she had a nice time.

Marilyn went out with Candee and Roger after work. It sounds like they had a nice time!

I'm sure I'm forgetting other things, but I just want to go and lie down, so I'll call it good for today.

And I need to get up decently in the morning for work! So goodnight, friends!
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