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Champagne at Staff Meeting, Valentine's Day and Home Sick...

Marilyn had to bring me home sick in the afternoon. She, Angel and I had gone for lunch at the Turkey Place. I had soup and a sandwich, but only ate the soup. (Marilyn had cottage cheese and grapes, which she really likes. And Angel had a salad.) I don't think it was food poisoning or anything like that -- just gastro issues... Anyway, I was having an awful stomachache, so she was kind enough to drive me home.

She's still suffering today from the pain of her massage. It's not only painful, but it's always fatiguing, too. She's asleep on the sofa in the family room right now.

I started the day by handing out my Valentine goodies for everybody -- and making people 'do' their self-inflating balloons. (smile) These usually hang for months at desks around the office. For those who don't know what they are, these are SMALL. The package is maybe three x three inches. You smack it with your fist and it inflates into a little balloon, shaped like a heart. People in our office love them. They've become a tradition. Hahaha.

Also, we did go to Starbucks this morning for coffee (tea for Marilyn).

Marilyn and I both got a bunch of steps today. I ended up with more than 6,000 (I guess from walking to both Starbucks and lunch -- and my usual up and down the stairs at work). Still enjoying our Fitbits, in other words! (grin)

Staff meeting was interesting. And we did have champagne to celebrate the culmination of our three-year IT goal. Plus there were treats (it was Nasiem's birthday) -- and Calisa's mother brought in Krispy Kreme doughnuts, too.

I had a very short meeting with Kate about MailChimp (we're using it for the Half Marathon).

I was supposed to chat with Christine after lunch about getting my new cell phone -- that will have to wait until Friday, I guess...

Donn was there and sat in for part of Staff Meeting. He was working on several projects for me (and one for Marilyn).

I swapped out my one monitor at my desk. AND had to use the unused board from a shelf to put both monitors on (they were too wide for my monitor platform, which is actually designed for a single monitor). Donn is going to make me a better board to go there, but for now it's working fine.

So I took everything that had been on my desk and was all boxed up and went through it. I only put part of it back -- and I rearranged a bunch of it. I wanted to make my desk less cluttered with stuff. It was never a horrible mess or anything (I'm way too organized for that). But there was a lot of things. So I cut it back. I'd already taken a bunch out from under my desk, so I think it's pretty nice now.

When I got home I was lying down in my bedroom. And in the bathroom quite a bit.

I decided to pick up my bedroom a bit, so I did that in between not feeling well. I didn't tackle the clothes to speak of, but I am delighted by how much better it is than it has been. I've been down about the clutter and haven't had the time or energy to get to changing it. Now that I have a start, maybe I'll be able to do more this week... I guess we'll see!

June had mentioned that she knew someone who wanted our wood from the tree (what Rich didn't take). I think it's Chuck's brother. Anyway, a man came with a big-assed pickup today and loaded it all up and hauled it off, so that's great by us! We don't have to try to get rid of it, and he'll have it to burn. Win-win.

Byram Healthcare called ME (!!!) about ordering my supplies! Seriously? Well, that was great. I didn't have to contact them, and it seemed to go more smoothly, too.

And TWO packages came for me at work today! I just ordered my replacement scrubbing pads for my face and now they're here! Shock. And Marilyn had ordered my hair cream, which also came. It was so fast for both things! We got them from Amazon. I'm telling you, I can't get over the speed. Easier than going to the store...

Today was day two of the Westminster Dog Show. It started at 5:00 p.m. our time. So I was watching that when Marilyn got home -- and we watched the rest of it together. We were DELIGHTED to see Rumor win -- we'd been pulling for her to win last year.

Jason sent me a meeting notice for tomorrow. I started to answer it, but never did. Damn. I knew I wasn't going to be there tomorrow, so I was planning to decline. (sigh)

Christie talked to me about staffing briefly after Staff Meeting. She has Maleah returning in March. Thankfully I kept her Profile, so I won't need to create it again. But I don't think she's set up on a machine at this point, so Donn will have to Profile her...

I haven't heard for sure, but Jessica -- who was Marilyn's assistant back for Centennial year -- may be coming in to work for Marilyn and the events staff seasonally this year. It's exciting to have her back! She's an amazingly good worker and experienced -- aside from being a friend.

Marilyn and I have been eating some Lean Cuisine dinners, from their LIMITED EDITION line. Actually, I hope they end up keeping those items. But I guess it would figure if they didn't. Hahaha. That's what we had for dinner tonight. Along with cornbread from Safeway -- which I 'toasted' in the oven again. (It's a soft mess when you buy it, for whatever reason...)

Can't think what else I might be forgetting. Anyway, that's it for today!
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