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Errands, Shopping and Hair

I just really feel like I need to get on top of things here at home. Work is one thing, but I feel a bit buried at home...

Cute boy! Colin just jumped into Marilyn's chair here in our home office! He only rarely does that. I guess he's keeping me company while I blog.

Sister Sue took me shopping today to Freddies and the DollarTree. I got champagne and sparkling cider for tomorrow, plus plastic flutes at the DollarTree (for celebrating our three year plan). I also needed a few more items for my Valentine goodies for the staff. Donn is coming, but can't stay very long. He's working on his house prior to the appraisal this Thursday.

I did a bunch of chores around the house. Taking out tons of composting, plus food for the critters and birds. (In and out and in and out.) It was nice to get stuff out of the fridge (both of them). I also took out a bunch of garbage. And bagged up two big bags of cans and bottles.

I put together the bags for Valentine's Day for the office. It has one of those self-inflating balloons everybody loves, a cute eraser, a pencil, a sucker and some chocolates. And boxes of conversation hearts. (smile)

I picked up the kitchen and did a little bit (very little) in my bedroom. And tonight I colored my hair (it needed it), while Marilyn was in Donald, Oregon getting her massage therapy from Amanda. She's miserable tonight, poor thing...

Sue and I did get Starbucks while we were out, which was nice. It was a sunny day and warmer than it has been. But windy!

June phoned and has somebody who wants our wood, which is a good thing for us. I was going to put a sign out today (free wood), but didn't get around to it...

Marilyn and I got a lot of steps today. She had more than 6,000 steps and I had more than 5,000 (I can't recall the exact amount).

Well, I'm tired and want to head to bed, so I'll cut this short. More tomorrow. But I do need to start blogging every day again! I've missed so much.
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