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Dinner With June and Jim (Celebrating Jim's Recent Bday)

I'm WEEKS behind on my blog. Just a heads up that I do plan to 'go back' and fill in as best I can...

Marilyn and I had a BUSY (and stressful) week last week -- which included her iPad dying, many IT issues at the office, a TON of meetings, plus early mornings, late nights and long days, too. My glasses were done incorrectly, so I had to send them back to be done again. Henry still isn't doing that well, but we're nursing him along as best we can. (Debating whether to take him to the vet again or not.) I think if we can get him through all the cold weather he'll be much improved. So far all the local flooding has not included our house. We had a couple more branches down in the driveway (sigh) again, but I was able to drag them out of the way...

Thursday night we went to see the new Fifty Shades movie directly after work. I managed to only fall asleep three times during it. Hahaha. (It had been a long and tiring day, what can I say?)

Friday night after work we went with Jeff to Hooter's after work (he really wanted us to go) and had food and beers (I also had a couple of tequila shooters). I should have skipped the food, as I'd had a bad reaction to my soup from lunch (too spicy). But what the hell.

We'd been planning to go to dinner for Jim's (and sister Sue's) birthday Saturday night, but when we discussed it with June, they weren't available because of company they were expecting on Sunday (and wanting to get ready on Saturday). Marilyn and I were fine with that, but did explain we'd have to put it off at least two weeks because of many other evening commitments coming up...

Yesterday we went to the Interstate Bridge 100th Birthday Party. I still plan to do an entry for yesterday, but will mention here that Marilyn had entered their essay contest -- and she ended up taking second place in the adult category!!! I was very proud. It's a wonderful essay that I should share here for sure. Her win was a total surprise as they had NOT contacted anyone to let them know they were finalists (!!!), for whatever reason. We would have gone regardless (obviously!), but were especially glad she got the chance to speak and tell the background of her essay.

We had been RUNNING ERRANDS all day long prior to attending that late afternoon/early evening event. So we were pretty worn out after. I know we were sort of watching the METV stuff we always do on Saturday night, but I barely recall seeing all that much aside from "Wonder Woman" and "Batman."

Today we wanted to get out and have a drive as it was a clear, sunny day. We decided to drive up the Columbia River Gorge, stopping at Arby's for a bite to eat. We were having a lovely time, but we hit HIGH WINDS in the Gorge and decided to turn around and head back home.

When we went to get gas for the car, I went inside. I ended up buying four magnetized hematite balls (around the size of shooter marbles). Great fun to play with. But hematite is supposed to have many medicinal properties. I used to ALWAYS have a stone in my pocket for my bad hip. (I wonder why I stopped that?) And supposedly magnets have medicinal properties, too. I still have a magnetic mattress on my bed (I tend to forget that!) in my room... That's all a crazy aside, but just sayin'...

When we got home June had phoned and their company hadn't shown, so they were open to going to dinner. So we set up to go to Elmer's at 6:00.

I'd been trying to reach sister Sue for hours, but couldn't. Now I called and called to try and let her know about going to dinner. It turns out she was at dinner with her friend Larry so couldn't go anyway, which was fine.

We took naps and woke up LATE! We were rushing to get there. I tried to call June on her cell to tell her we were on the way, but couldn't reach her. We ended up there half an hour late (!!!), but it worked out fine. We had a really nice dinner, then went out for ice cream after that. (Marilyn bought dinner and Jim paid for the ice cream.) Oh! And we gave Jim a Hooter's calendar (signed!!!) for his birthday. Hahaha.

We've been watching the Grammy's since we got back home. We tend to watch large national events on TV when we can, just because we are in the event business -- and we'll probably discuss it during our next staff meeting...

Marilyn's iPad RESTORATION -- from the backup of her old iPad -- went really, really well, by the way! She got all of her 13,000+ photos back again, which was nothing short of a miracle!

Say what you will about Apple (and you know I complain a lot), they certainly stand behind their iPads! When she took it in and they tested it, they told her she had a battery issue -- and they'd have to order a new iPad. And that her cost would be $99. She mentioned that she had an $800 device, but they said battery problems always cost the user $99. How about that??? And they got it in within 24 hours of when she went in to the store (even though we had to wait another day to pick it up).

We had to back up using the iCloud -- the port wouldn't work, so plugging it in to the computer to use iTunes didn't work at all. Anyway, it took ages to back it up -- and we were worried it might not back everything up decently. Then it took ages to restore entirely. But, again, it went really, really well. There were a few things that didn't back up or restore, but for the most part it was perfect. And now she has a brand new iPad -- after three years with the old one! We're both really pleased and happy.

My computer had another FAILURE today. I'd been using it in the morning, then in the afternoon I had a black screen! I unplugged my external harddrive (which is a WD My Passport) -- for whatever reason, this keeps the computer from booting back up again properly. Anyway, I got the computer back up again, but had one hell of a time getting my desktop wallpaper to display again! Hahaha.

I recently resolved my crazy Outlook issues, by the way. Which were tied to the SPAM blocker we use both at home and at the office. But I've been locked out of my email constantly for a couple of months! What a pain that's been...

And my home email is via Century Link (sigh). I've gotten nothing but damn messages that I'm exceeding my email box size. My limit is 25 mb. Are you KIDDING me??? That's all??? What the hell.

But I did clean out my email, which I really needed to do. I'd already done that at work. I get a ridiculous amount of SPAM, I kid you not...

Well, I'm dead tired and we're facing another busy, busy week. (Two, actually!) So though I have TONS more to share, I'm off to bed. Goodnight!!!
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