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Training Nasiem -- Website Work -- Circus Corps Logo

Well, that subject line is my day in a nutshell. Hahaha. Sometimes it can all be defined pretty simply...

Nasiem -- who is Calisa's friend -- has most recently lived in Hawaii. She told us in staff meeting this morning that she's actually enjoying the cold weather. She just got here, so she missed our really miserable cold weather. Hahaha.

Anyway, we took her to coffee at Starbucks as is our tradition (with a large group). Thankfully Carol went along, as Marilyn had forgotten her credit card (so we used Carol to buy for everyone). No, Donn didn't make it in early enough to join us, I'm afraid...

Donn did get in, though -- and had another very busy day! He finished up Christie's computer (adding her CS2) and Jeff's (adding his CS2). And he did Suzanne's Profile on her machine. He needs to do a new machine for Angel (who currently has a fairly bad machine and can really use the upgrade). We would probably not do that -- but the goal is to have EVERY SINGLE MACHINE on Windows 7 (at long last!!!).

Training of Nasiem went quite well and was done just past noon.

I got soup for lunch at Anne's, then met with Rich about the Sing-Off page at the website. (And made a correction to the Milk Carton Boat Race page).

I'd planned to meet with Steven and Nasiem about waterfront items at the website, but their schedule got messed up, so I told them we could do it tomorrow, instead...

I was working on the LOGO for the new Circus Corps (which will be replacing the Clown Corps this year). We wanted it to be pretty much what I had created years back for the Clown Corps (same font and design), so I had to go 'on the hunt' for that font. It's a REMINDER to me that when you make a logotype you should ALWAYS do something that simply tells you what font you originally used, so you don't have to keep going through fonts until you can find it. Hahaha. I could have saved myself some time and trouble, that's for sure! But I reasoned it all out, so it's good.

My hips (injection sites???) were bothering me today. I didn't even realize how much until Rich mentioned to me that I was limping... (sigh) So Marilyn went for a walk as her break with Angel -- but wouldn't let me go along. Good call. I was in pain today. I obviously did too much yesterday (which was what sister Sue had told me!).

I'm about 70% done with David Morrell's "Ruler of the Night." And enjoying it so much! He's really become an expert for that time period. I love the characters. Tonight when I went down for my nap I ended up reading more.

I was having a bitch of a time with my computer again today. But Kris fixed my Outlook (!!!) for me. And I couldn't open Paint Shop Pro, so I uninstalled and reinstalled, using my own version (rather than the one on our Server at work). Donn hadn't been able to use the CS2 disks at the office, so I brought my set from home today -- which thankfully worked fine (as I mentioned above). He took them home tonight to make copies for the office (so I can take mine HOME again).

Rafa is playing tennis right now at the Australian Open. Marilyn has been talking back and forth with Sue via the phone.

Her friend Charles passed. The memorial is tomorrow. I'm sorry for the timing, because I would have been glad to go with her if it hadn't been a training day. (sigh) It's a hard loss for Sue. Growing older sucks when it comes to losing family and friends who are also old (or older).

Carol said some nice things to me today about losing weight. It made me feel good! (smile)

I'm always tired after training days. Not sure why that takes it out of me, but it generally does. Anyway, I need to get to bed so I'll be fresh for training tomorrow.

Nasiem sent me a lovely email this afternoon, thanking me for my 'guidance and kindness.' Wasn't that sweet?

Donn can't come in until late morning/early afternoon tomorrow. But I certainly have a LOT for him to do. I'd like to finish up the rest of the equipment as soon as possible.

I took Christie a really nice wireless mouse (with a pretty design) today...

Donn sent me an email that people are plugging in electric HEATERS to the same surge protector/power strips as their computers (!!!). I need to fix that right away! (sigh)

We had frozen Mexican food for dinner tonight (we enjoy those). Plus both popcorn and PIE as treats! We were very good girls today. Hahaha.

Back to tennis and off to bed! I hope you're all staying healthy and HAPPY!!!
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