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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Day Trip to Our Beach House in Seaside 
Marilyn and I drove down to our beach house in Seaside today.

On the way there we stopped at the Svensen Flea Market -- WHAT FUN! I got some vintage tools (including an old crowbar). And we got a few other clever things, like potholders shaped to hold bowls (!!!) -- which can be used in the microwave, then in your lap! The people there were SO VERY FRIENDLY. We can't wait to go again. (They're open every third weekend of each month.)

The house was FREEZING COLD!!! Just AWFUL! At first we couldn't figure out why the doors to the laundry were opened, but then we realized it was about avoiding freezing pipes (little wonder!). It took ages to even begin to take the chill off the house...

Obviously we need to get there more often. But last year illness and weather concerns kept us away all the time.

The last time we went down -- also a day trip -- was August 23. Good grief!

The WiFi IS out -- we called about it and are going to get it fixed. Both TVs were NOT playing, as well. But I managed to fix those on my own. And we did have an internet connection on the desktop computer, even if we didn't have WiFi. (But we could use our iPhones as a not-too-great hotspot...)

We saw ELK both coming down and going home! They were ON THE BEACH. I tried to get photos, but it was too dark. Darn!

On the way home we stopped and had a bite to eat at the Berry Patch Restaurant in Westport, Oregon. We both had chicken strips and I had a cup of mushroom soup, too. And we got a pie to bring home. (We also got to meet Lucky the dog, who is apparently the mascot for the place!)

Nice day, all in all...

And the PIE??? Delicious! Terribly decadent!
January 26, 2017 (Thursday) 01:09 am (UTC)
Glad you got there. I hope you get the place warm!