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New President / Rich Visits / Jeff Visits / Results of Doctor Appointment

As you can see from my subject line, today was a very eventful and busy day...

America has a new president. It's an emotional subject for people, however they might feel. I want to be sensitive to the feelings of everyone. But I have to say I always believe in honoring the OFFICE, regardless of who might hold it -- and that hasn't changed for me. And I'm STRONGLY OPPOSED to the burning of our nation's flag, regardless of why it's being done.

Here in Portland we had protests. I'm very tempted to discuss this, but I won't go there. Except to say I'm against violence and I'm against destruction of property, whatever you might be protesting.

I'm sorry to see anyone on either side injured. I pray that we'll be able to move on and try to come together. Yes, we must be vigilant to guard the RIGHTS of every citizen. We need to speak up when injustice takes place. And we need to remain hopeful and strong and united, as much as possible.

Aside from that, it's always interesting to observe the ceremony surrounding important events like this. As someone involved in special events, it was fascinating to observe the details of the day.

Rich came by to pick up the wood from our downed tree to use as firewood at his home for him and his wife, Merlin. He came in and had coffee with us, but both he and Merlin were making a point of staying away from the media and online today to avoid being upset. (The election and the results have been very upsetting for them.) I know a lot of people who decided to avoid viewing things on TV or going online. If it upsets you, that's clearly a wise choice.

I helped Rich load his wood and Marilyn and I did some raking of all the leftover branches that were in the driveway. It's a REAL MESS out there from where the tree was down. (sigh)

Jeff came over while Rich was getting ready to leave. We had coffee with Jeff and discussed the Inauguration. Then we talked and talked about work-related subjects for HOURS.

Jeff left in the late afternoon, right before we needed to get ready to go to my doctor appointment, which was at 4:25 p.m.

I had good reports. My A1C was better. My kidney function is better. The numbers were good, with room for improvement (of course).

I'm VERY ANNOYED that I didn't blog the last time I got my steroid shot! I know it was Latoya who gave it to me (in the right hip). And it was just the typical steroid shot I've had in the past. But TODAY Leslie gave me what she called a bursa shot (injection), which is: A bursa is a gel-filled sac that helps muscles and tendons glide over bones. You have bursae in your shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and other parts of your body. When bursae get swollen, they can cause joint pain. But a steroid medication injected into your bursa can help reduce the inflammation and alleviate the pain.

This bursa injection can ONLY be done by someone qualified. Leslie made a point of saying she does NOT do these for knees, by the way. But she did both of my hips. Here's a description of the procedure: The skin is cleaned with antiseptic liquid. You lie down and turn on your side to expose the area for the injection. I was given TWO shots in each hip. First was a local anesthetic, then corticosteroid was injected. According to what I've read, usually the doctor will give you instructions for after the injection, but she didn't really do this. However I read online that you should completely rest the part of the body injected for 6 hours, then limiting use for between 1 and 3 days (or sometimes longer). (Interesting! Very different from previous steroid shots. I remember having tenderness in the past, but never being told to take it easy...)

I just found my entry from 2015 (October 2) where Latoya absolutely gave me this shot...

Well, I wanted the shot this time more for my flare-ups than for allergies -- though I imagine it will work for both. (I don't have as much trouble with allergies in the winter.) Here's the AMAZING THING: Right now I have almost no PAIN at all in my right hip. Usually I have constant pain there, varying in how bad it is. But I'm almost never totally pain free (or close), so this is astonishing!!! I guess it's a good sign.

This is obviously what was done for June with her knees. Now I get it a lot better. I've previously had a more generic injection...

As I've noted in the past, these shots usually raise blood sugar levels for a few days. But I'm used to that...

Anyway, Marilyn was with me for most of my appointment, but did leave during the shot. She was surprised by how long it took. In the past it's been very quick.

After that we were in rush hour traffic, so we went directly home and each fixed something to eat. Later on I made popcorn.

And we were watching the Australian Open and Star Trek. Rafa won!!! (Star Trek is like comfort food -- I guess comfort TV. Hahaha.)

We were having fun playing our game tonight, too...

I took a short nap at one point. I'd given Henry is meds and then he and I snuggled for a bit... He hasn't been doing very well, poor guy. Winter is VERY HARD on him.

After we heard the 11:00 news and found out the local protests were over, we got in the car and took our bills down to the main post office downtown to mail them. Then we came straight home. No, we happily didn't see anything. We knew from the news that it had been quite a mess, though... (sigh)

Time to head to bed (it's VERY LATE now).
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