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11:30 and I'm Done Working for Today!

I was feeling poorly last night before bed. And didn't end up going to the office today. That SUCKS, as I have a bunch of work I need to tackle! Oh well.

I was planning to stay down. But then I got on the phone with Donn about stuff at the office and had a long (managerial) chat with him. After that I decided that it was LONG PAST time to get 'Christmas' taken down, so I might as well tackle it. I figured I'd GO SLOW, so I didn't wear myself out -- considering today is also real garbage day (and I had a bunch of large bottles to clean out for recycling and a ton of composting to go, too). I started with the tree. I managed to take our ornaments from four boxes to three (!!!), which felt like a real win! I was careful and packed things very neatly, giving me more space. Then I brought up the other boxes and packed up everything else. I had to carry boxes up and down stairs, as we store all this stuff (very neatly!) in our laundry room, under the stairs. Some of it was heavy, which is just a fact. But I'd carried a bunch of heavy stuff yesterday, too. So I noticed tonight that I have that spleen pain I get (it's not good for the spleen when I carry heavy stuff, but tough!).

I would have LOVED to put the actual tree away. But here was the thing: The box alone is huge and heavy! Not kidding. It's designed to really protect the tree, I suppose. And the TREE is very heavy! So I didn't want to bring the box into the house as I used to do with the old tree. Instead, I wanted to take the tree out in pieces to the garage and put these into the box -- then slide the box back into the place I carefully made for it out there. This should have been the perfect plan. Except for the recent weather! Currently the floor of the garage is WET -- and I really don't want to put the box into the wet. This wet doesn't appear to have come in from either door -- it looks like it came from the car (it's in the center of the floor). So, annoying as it is, the tree is still standing in the room, sans ornaments. We haven't had it plugged in for ages, of course. But to the naked eye clearly Christmas has NOT gone away, quite yet. I have no idea when the floor will be dry enough, by the way. (sigh) Also, my best times to put up and take down holiday decorations are when Marilyn's at work (and the car with her). Our office is closed tomorrow, then it's the weekend...

Anyway, I've been 'off' all day. I'm having high blood counts -- and then low counts! I don't know what to make of it! I see Leslie tomorrow, so maybe she'll offer some ideas. I'm EXCITED to get my steroid shot, as I'm way overdue for that. I'm less excited to hear my A1C, as I'm not expecting good news there. (sigh) I'd also hoped to have my weight down more than this, though I'm pretty proud that I didn't gain a ton over the holidays. I really avoided lots of holiday goodies and stuck pretty closely to my new eating patterns.

I had stomach pain today, which could be constipation (sorry TMI!), as I have a constant issue with that. Or maybe I have a (hopefully small) bug. Who knows?

I went back to bed in the late afternoon and slept for hours! Marilyn managed to wake me up calling on her way home. (She has a wonderful hands-free option in her car and believe me when I say her eyes never leave the road. She's never distracted when driving -- unlike so many people.) Anyway, I finally woke and got to talk to her. We hadn't spoken all day, as she had constant back-to-back meetings ALL DAY LONG WITHOUT A BREAK. (I don't know how she does it!) It looks like we've hired Steven's assistant (I've already created that Profile -- now Donn needs to get it on the computer.) And maybe the seasonal for events, too (who will sit in Katie's old spot, right outside Marilyn's office).

I started dinner as soon as she got home. We had roast beef hash, green beans and cottage cheese. (And, yes, I did eat some chicken noodle soup for lunch, too.) I was shaking during dinner, as I was having a low -- the whole thing is so annoying! I've wondered if I should try insulin more than once a day. But I tend to have my lows in the evening! So when the heck would I take it? I guess we'll talk that through tomorrow afternoon...

I finally got myself to tackle all the garbage and recycling. There's quite a bit of both! Nothing has been picked up in ages, so I'm glad they'll be able to get it all tomorrow (finally)!!! Damn weather.

Most of our snow and ice is now officially and happily GONE. Of course there are mounds all over the place, but the streets and sidewalks are great!

I cleaned up the feeding area for the birds/critters and gave them fresh seed and fresh water, too. I can't remember if I mentioned the hummingbird 'experiment' or not (???). I'd read you should change up the 'formula' for their food mix -- going from one-to-four to one-to-three. Then I read that was bogus and dangerous and too sweet! So today I dumped out the new version and went back to the tried and true! I'd hate to make my little hummingbirds sick! We get a lot of them all year round, believe it or not.

I got sick and threw up in the middle of finishing the garbage. Fortunately it didn't wake Marilyn who is dead asleep on the sofa in front of Australian Open tennis. Obviously something isn't quite right with me. But as I said to Marilyn earlier, fortunately I can keep going and getting things done even when I don't feel well.

I guess I especially learned that lesson this past year! I mean, what choice do you have? You can't just let everything go because you're sick. Especially if it's not that bad. I'm happy to report that I don't feel that deep, deep fatigue that I was feeling for months and months. I'm back to being able to do things without being totally flattened. Well, I might need more sleep now, but at least I'm able to be productive when I'm awake.

On that note, I'm done working and calling it a day! When I was last down in the family room, Marilyn was asleep on the sofa, Colin was sleeping on the back of the chair and Henry was asleep inside cat-basket-bed. Everybody else is cozy downstairs, so I think I'll join them! Hahaha.

I might even watch a few more minutes of TV before bedtime. We did watch a few shows on tape after dinner (which was partly me stalling... hahaha...)

I hope you're all happy, healthy, safe and warm!
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