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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Win Day (woo hoo) 
st. jude
Work day. We woke to icy, slushy, NASTY streets (!!!). So we didn't hurry to take off. Schools were on two-hour delayed opening, so that was true for us, as well.

I got a call from Jason that his monitors weren't working. It was more serious than that, but I just told him to wait until I got there...

Checked with Donn to be sure he could come in -- he had some other things to do, but was thankfully available today! Good thing: There's so much IT stuff to be done right now!

The drive to work was downright SCARY because of the road conditions! I mean, it was white-knuckle time for at least half the drive. Then while roads downtown weren't too bad, our parking lot was awful!!! Walking was okay, because Steven had made a path for me -- isn't that sweet???

Went to Starbucks with several people. No brownie (!!!), so got something else they talked me into, but never ate. In fact, didn't eat anything all day. (Marilyn never does, so welcome to her world. Hahaha.) She had hot tea, and that was it for her...

Very busy! Had to reason out how to set up the Half Marathon email to work! It turns out I'd duplicated settings. I wanted it to 'Send As' and NOT to 'Send on Behalf Of' -- those are two different options available. There are settings that are done on the Server, and settings done inside Outlook. I should share them here at some point. Partly because it's interesting!!! Anyway, once that was finally worked out, I got everybody who needed to have it access to that email.

Then I set up a signature for the account. And I helped Kate to get out the mass email to those who've been signing up for information about the race. (woo hoo) All very good!

Donn HAD given me the Auto Complete file for my Outlook, but I lost it somehow. So I had him do it again and just install it for me. I was in too big a rush all day long to deal with it. Man, does Auto Complete for Outlook save you a ton of time!!! Hahaha.

I helped Donn move some equipment upstairs and some downstairs, too. I was up and down the staircase a ton, as always. I don't know my final step count for the day, but I did get over 5,000 steps. Actually, I had 1,200 steps before I ever got to work today.

Shari called when we were getting ready for work. I meant to phone her later, but things were so busy at work that I totally forgot. I hope there wasn't something really important that I needed to know! I hope I can remember to call her tomorrow... (sigh) My memory is not the best anymore. And I have such a ton of IT crammed in there.

I set up Kate's phone today, using the method Kris helped me with. That works okay, but it would be nice to have the OLD option available.

Donn had to uninstall and reinstall Christine's Shoretel to get it to work properly. No idea WHY. But it's all good now. (It was my idea to do the reninstall, in place of contacting Inflow for support...)

The drive home wasn't great, but was an improvement over the morning drive. We still have a ton of icy crap on the roads, though! Can't wait to say goodbye to it. Managed to go pick up my prescriptions (including my insulin -- I was nearly out!) and Henry's pills (at the vet). Nasty walking in the parking lot at Riteaid!!!

Dinner was leftover hot dogs -- but I did fry up some sauerkraut to go with (heat it in a fry pan with no oil). We tried a new Green Giant veggie dish, but it was nasty! We won't be doing that again...

I had LOW blood sugar by then. It had been fine in the office (112), but was low by the time I was fixing dinner. (sigh)

We ended up with a bunch of HIGH WINDS this evening! Just shaking the house, I kid you not! Yuck. But we never had the terrible rain they said we would.

I was stuffed up and not feeling that great tonight. Probably just TIRED from a very long work day (with no break). I had a long nap tonight, anyway.

We'd planned to watch a new show on TV that just started, but slept through it. It's on tape, so we'll see it eventually, I'm sure. We've been looking forward to it!

Missed all our Tuesday night shows that we like because we were watching the Australian Open. That's okay, we've got those on tape, too.

Haven't decided for sure if I'm working tomorrow or not. I was planning to, but I think I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Time for bed! (It's nearly 3:00 a.m. now.)
January 19, 2017 (Thursday) 12:01 pm (UTC)
I take insulin also. It is not good to not eat all day. Low blood sugar is just as bad as high blood sugar. I have had a couple of bouts with low sugar, not fun.

You need to take better care (from one who knows and doesn't do what she is supposed to do either!)
January 19, 2017 (Thursday) 10:50 pm (UTC)
Glad you got there and back OK in the weather.
I hope it lets up for you soon!