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Basically, We're Sick of This Weather

Australian Open Tennis is on the TV as I sit here typing this. Marilyn is playing a game of Civilization (!!!) on her desktop -- she hasn't done that in a couple of years. Wow.

I always said that game 'saved her life' -- it was how she would shut off her head from all the stresses of work years and years ago. I think we got our first version of it back in the late 80's or early 90's. A gay friend gave it to us (Terry). But we quickly moved on to a version we'd purchased. Watching her play really takes me back. And it's very good memories, believe me!

She used to play Civ while I was playing The Sims on my desktop. In my case 'playing' was a relative thing! I could spend hours just searching for items to use in my game. It was incredible how many websites there were creating stuff for The Sims! Skins (meaning faces, hair, clothing designs and more), floors, walls, hacked items and much, much more. So inventive! I loved it back then...

The interesting thing? When did I EVER have all that time to play The Sims??? Yes, I still play games (like SimCity BuildIt). But I don't begin to spend that kind of time! If I did that, I'd never get anything done. Hahaha. Maybe I remember it as more time than it really was. I don't know...

Well, we're going NUTS from the damn weather here. It started to rain today. You'd think that would be a good thing, right? Rain comes in and scours all this damn snow out. But hell no. It's just a nasty mess. It's supposed to freeze again tonight, which should make things very dicey for getting to work tomorrow...

All we can do with the rain is watch. There's a huge puddle in back on the brick patio that's a spot we've never had this kind of water gather on. Hopefully it won't get into the house. At one point today I went into the garage and noticed wet on the floor!!! Don't get me wrong -- the garage gets wet from both the front and back door (it's not tight by any means). In fact, we have most things that sit on the floor resting on plastic crates that lift them from direct contact with the cement, which simply can't be expected to stay dry.

In this case I finally reasoned out that there had to be snow under the car that had been frozen there, and had started to melt (as the wet seemed to be coming from the area of the car -- and not the doors). Weird.

By the way, the garage does NOT seem at all warmer -- so how it could allow anything to melt is beyond me! I just brought in bottled water and it's far colder than the water in the fridge! I'm not kidding.

It will actually be great to get back to work. We're so far behind. And we have a ton to do. We'll see how it goes, I guess...

I hope we'll be safe DRIVING and WALKING. I can't believe how many of our friends have fallen and have injuries.

Obviously we've already dealt with the tree here. And we have SEVERAL branches down on that same tree and other trees in the yard. Oh well. That's what home ownership means.

Just thinking about the Inauguration. (Sister Sue has been to these -- imagine that. Wow.) Our office will be closed on Friday, in case of protests. The area just outside our office is a gathering place for such things.

Marilyn and I finally had something to eat this evening. She had a frozen dinner, and I made a couple of fried eggs on toast. That's all we ate all day long. We just weren't hungry (not sure why)...

One productive thing! I took down 'Christmas' in the family room, finally. You'd think I would have gotten that done during all this time at home. But it's hard to explain how I just haven't been able to get myself to tackle it. It's a big task. I guess I have to be in a certain mood, as crazy as that sounds. With all this weather crap, I just couldn't get my head there. Oh well.

Now that I've done the family room -- which seems strangely empty right now -- I shouldn't have any trouble getting the living room done. This means taking down the tree, as well as all the other decorations. Yes, I KNOW it's well past time. We normally would NEVER leave it this long. I can't remember ever doing so before this year...

I've got a stiff neck and seem to be fighting vertigo again. Damn. I don't have time for it. And that's that.

I guess that's it for today. I hope all is well with you!!!
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