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More Home Protection Snow Digging -- Plus an Insight Into Me

Another really beautiful day -- but it was MISERABLY COLD! Marilyn and I spent more time digging in the back yard, with the goal of moving as much snow away from the house as possible (as we did yesterday). The difference today was that Marilyn suggested we open the gate and put a bunch of the snow into the side yard! Brilliant. There's just less deep snow out in the side yard. Plus this should keep all the water from getting in the ground where it can flood the house...

Anyway, fingers crossed that's true!

The pain today? The weather people started mentioning FREEZING RAIN (!!!) to go with the high winds and heavy rainfall. Good grief. Haven't we been through enough?

Well, complaining won't help, so I'll stop now. We did what we felt might help, right up until the point that I simply couldn't lift another shovel of snow. Then we quit and came back inside.

It was FAR WORSE around here for driving. We barely saw a car moving on our street. And we decided NOT to try going out. It's simply not worth the risk. There's nothing we need that much.

One of our friends was out walking, fell and broke his leg (Marilyn saw the x-ray at Facebook). How terrible is that??? Anyway, point taken, folks. Nobody in our area should be out unless they really need to be.

Marilyn and I spent a lot of time today enjoying the Decades channel on cable, where they've been showing old episodes of "Mission: Impossible." We always used to love that show growing up. Our parents loved it, too. It's been fun, anyway.

Marilyn and I had an intense discussion today that was eye-opening for me. I'm seriously going to make every attempt to CHANGE MY WAYS. I prefer not to go into great detail at this point, but in thinking over what was said, I realize this is something I've been doing since CHILDHOOD with very little (if any) improvement over the years. I believe in change. I think we're all capable of it if we try hard enough. So I'm going to start right now and work on it.

I realized that it was something I was very much aware of even as a little girl, though. And that I knew even then how wrong it was. In fact, maybe I knew that better then than I do now, who knows? It was funny how deeply moved I was as we discussed it. I guess time will tell if I'm up to the challenge, anyway.

In work-related news, I spoke to Donn and found out things didn't go at all well with setting up Christie's new computer. He's back to square one, actually. So far 2017 has been difficult for IT. But we'll muddle through somehow -- we always do! That's one thing I know as sure as I'm sitting here, anyway. No matter what, Donn and I (as a team) will prevail with the IT equipment for the festival. Somehow. Some way.

I have a whopper of a headache and a stiff neck right now, so I might even take a pain pill. Time for bed!

Still loving our game (SimCity BuildIt). I don't care if it is a possible waste of time. Sure, we could be doing more productive things, but what's wrong with just doing this for fun? Oh well.

But I should have started TAKING DOWN CHRISTMAS today, as I had planned to do. I will absolutely do that tomorrow. (sigh)

I need to get organized and get a grip on things. I didn't set up my medicine for the week, either...

I can't believe I haven't mentioned our friend Shari taking a terrible fall (she landed on her hands and FACE). She's got a broken bone, a big lump on her head and is pretty messed up in general. Your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I'm sending a lot of those out her way.

June's cold is still really bad, but sister Sue is improving. Not so for Candy, though... So many are sick right now!

Stay healthy, avoid falls and sleep well, my friends. AND STAY WARM!
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