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She's Alive!!!

Yes, Marilyn and I are still around -- sorry I've been MIA here at LiveJournal!

Driving has been extremely difficult. But for some reason (???), Marilyn has been willing -- and even eager -- to drive in the snow and ice! She's never been like this in our entire lives, so I'm quite surprised. She just never fails to amaze me, I must admit! And we've had no issues driving (unlike so many others).

Actually, Marilyn mentioned that she wants to start blogging again, which would be AWESOME, I think. And clearly I'd like to get back to my old routine of blogging daily. It's such a great way to track my life, in all honesty. It's funny (or maybe NOT!) how much you can FORGET if you don't have a way to remind yourself! Hahaha.

Today was exhausting. But I'm PROUD of both of us! We had decided (Marilyn's idea, actually) to try and remove some of the snow that was against the house in the back yard. We wanted to do what we did the year we had the freezing rain back there, when we had to move the ICE away from the house to avoid it flowing into the window well. This time it's more about the part of our foundation that always floods into Marilyn's bedroom if we're not very careful -- but it was also about the window well (the windows into the family room downstairs).

Marilyn's bedroom and our family room are in our basement -- the basement is pretty awesome, running the full length of the house. Our house is actually much bigger than it looks from outside because of this. The family room is the length of the living room, and Marilyn's bedroom is in the area equivelant to my bedroom and our office upstairs. (Plus we have a second bathroom downstairs that's below our upstairs bath.)

The back yard leans in toward the house, I'm afraid. Well, it's high in the center and low toward the house and toward the fence (to be really clear). But we worry about water near the house, obviously!

This recent snow was incredibly DEEP for Portland. Actually, it's unheard of for us to have this damn much snow. I haven't been keeping up, so unless you live here, there's no way for you to know how bad it's been for us. Most people are pretty much trapped in their homes. Everything has been closed down and streets are AWFUL for driving. That's been especially true out here in North Portland!

We also had a HUGE PORTION of our tree near the garage come down under the weight of the snow! The same tree that we lost a large portion of in the past due to wind. This time instead of coming down in our alley, it came down in our DRIVEWAY. It's a good thing we park our car inside the garage, or it would have been crushed under the downed tree! We were TRAPPED for a couple of days until we got a guy out to remove the tree ($250). He and his helper only did so much -- WE actually had to go out and help with a bunch of it! Thankfully Jeff was here that day as we used shovels and metal rakes to clear the driveway down to the pavement. Exhausting.

It's been ridiculously COLD for Portland -- temperatures well below freezing. So nothing can moderate, so far. Amusing aside: the umbrella against that tree where I feed crows/birds/critters did NOT come down! It's still standing! I haven't been able to put much out there, though. I need to clean up the HUGE MESS and the water dishes, but today it was all about the HOUSE, so I had to prioritize, obviously. There's some food out there, but no water, I'm afraid. Poor things...

It's hard to keep the house warm. I should 'stick the oil' soon and be sure we're okay! I forgot that today. (sigh) I went out before noon to start the job of moving the snow OFF THE TARPS that protect us from rain. Then a few hours later both Marilyn and I went out to do a ton more -- moving snow from the window well area -- and finish moving it off the tarp. We could maybe move more snow toward the center/far side of the yard (closer to the back fence), I suppose. But it's better than it was, thankfully!

Not bad for two 60-something women working all alone, I have to say...

But we were, admittedly, tired and sore after that. I slept for HOURS when we came back in (and after we each had a cup of soup to eat).

Mostly you feel like sleeping or lying around doing nothing, to be honest...

The office has been CLOSED (everything -- including government offices and schools -- is closed), but we still went to work on Friday, even so. So much to do right now!!!

We're closed Monday and Friday of next week, so we'll only have three work days next week!!! What a mess.

Marilyn and I still managed to enjoy our usual Saturday night, though! We ate some slices of summer sausage and crackers for dinner and had popcorn. (You know, that wasn't much food today, really -- especially considering the physical work we did!)

Svengoolie was a 'repeat' from October: "Black Friday." In honor of Friday the 13th, I'm sure!

I'll make some notes (sigh) and try to fill in some blanks. And I really should share photos of this snow, because it's amazing for us! We're just not prepared for this kind of weather here. Trying to even find footwear to put on to keep our feet dry and warm is frankly IMPOSSIBLE. Marilyn and I don't ski or hike anywhere with snow! The boots we have are designed to look nice and that's it. So we do our best to wear what will keep us as warm as we can. But good God our feet have been COLD recently! Hours walking in and standing in the snow way up our legs. Good grief.

I don't even own a warm hat to wear on my head! Actually, I think I have two -- and these are at the beach house, of all places! Not any help here... Hahaha. Marilyn has one warm hat, anyway. And I do own a warm jacket and she has a warm coat. And I have warm gloves (she has gloves, but they're not warm). Boring, I'm sure. But staying warm has been pretty essential -- and impossible. I wear two layers on my legs whenever I go out, as I don't want a damn flare-up of my knees or ankles. It doesn't help my hip that much, but oh well...

I think I've carried on long enough. I'm bored and I imagine you are, too! Hahaha. There's nothing else going on for us to speak of. Well, there's a TON to relate about work -- but I just can't go there right now.

Much of my work recently has been negative -- IT has NOT been going that well in the New Year. Thankfully I had some 'wins' on Friday, or I'd be pretty crazy by now...

I'll share about some TV, movies and books next blog, I promise.

Things are supposed to start moderating Monday night -- with RAIN on Tuesday. We're going directly from this horrible snow situation into heavy rain -- and warnings about flooding. (sigh) I pray already that our house won't flood.

That tree has another huge branch just hanging there. In fact, we've got branches down in several of our trees around the house. There's a HUGE branch that could come down over the house. Our hope is that we won't have anything come down on the house. It's hard to know what will happen when things moderate...

Your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated, of course! Our dear friend June is terribly sick with a cold. Sister Sue's cold seems better, thankfully. Marilyn and I are hanging in there...

I know many parts of the country (and the world) are having much more serious weather problems. But this is pretty bad for us. I don't mean to whine, really. Today was beautiful and we were happy to be strong enough to get out and do work to protect our home under blue skies and sunshine!

Sorry this is so long!

Stay warm, safe and healthy, friends! And sweet dreams!
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