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Leg Cramps! Plus: Quiet, Wintry (Nasty) Sunday

I woke up VERY EARLY this morning with the worst LEG CRAMPS I might have ever experienced (!!!) -- and no idea WHY I was having them.

Yes, if we get right down to it, I've pretty much had leg cramps my entire life. At least since I was a teen. (I don't remember clearly before that...) Today it was my right leg only. But several spots!!! And I was literally screaming in pain. I was shocked I didn't wake Marilyn when it happened, but glad (of course) that I didn't...

Thank God for the Hyland's Leg Cramps medication!!! I took a TON of pills (I actually prefer the ones you melt under your tongue -- these seem to go into effect sooner), then drank a bunch of water and finally got up to walk the cramps out. That's harder than it sounds when you're cramped up the way I was! When the pain is really, really bad, you just want to lie there in pain, trying not to move your leg any more than necessary. (sigh)

I finally got it under control, but it took ages! Then later in the day IT HAPPENED AGAIN. Same leg, different spot! This time I took more of the Hyland's pills, plus an Aleve (which Leslie allows me when I'm really having bad pain). And I got in and soaked in a hot tub of water, which also seemed to really help. At least I didn't have it happen again, thankfully, after that!

My blood sugar was high, which can probably be DIRECTLY related to the pain I experienced. I notice that happens for me now. Pain will often mean higher numbers... And as I didn't eat all that much yesterday, I can't see why else the number would be high.

And I didn't eat all that much TODAY, either. I just didn't feel that great and wasn't really all that hungry...

I bought a book about diabetes that sounded promising (the cyber version that I can read in my Kindle). But I don't know. It tells you all these foods to avoid -- which is pretty much EVERYTHING. I'm not sure HOW THE HELL you're supposed to get the versions of the foods that it recommends. (sigh) But I've only started reading, so I guess we'll see. I think it can't hurt to be proactive, anyway. It says that just trying to lose weight is NOT the answer, interestingly enough. When you're diabetic they're always after you to lose weight. But considering I did exactly that this past year -- and my A1C numbers got worse -- I'd have to say it doesn't appear to be the answer...

The weather here today was miserable. Not as bad as they'd expected, but we still sure as hell weren't going anyway, that's for certain. I imagine it will be a mess in the morning, too. So I suspect we'll go in a little later than usual, just to be safe!

Jeff did get back from his trip safe and sound, which was good news!!!

Marilyn and I watched TV and played on our iPads and slept today. Anyway, we took it easy. We saw the Golden Globes -- we were NOT fans of the opening act, but oh well.

We saw "Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds" today -- what an amazing documentary! If you get a chance to see, do! It was really enlightening and enjoyable. (That's an HBO show, by the way.)

I can't think of much else to share today. I guess that's all for now! Hahaha.

Work tomorrow, anyway! I hope we get there safely.

I just asked Marilyn about her doctor appointment, which she had forgotten. She'll need to check her calendar...

Sleep well, everyone! I hope the New Year is treating you well, so far!
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