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A Little Trouble with LiveJournal -- Plus a Quick Overview of Thursday and Friday...

I actually DID try to blog yesterday (Thursday). But LiveJournal wasn't cooperating, I'm afraid...

It's REALLY, REALLY LATE (!!!), so this will be brief, I'm afraid. Marilyn is sound asleep in the living room, and I need to rouse her and get her to bed (if I can).

Thursday, December 22:
Thursday was a day at the office, working! It was extremely busy for both Marilyn and me. I was dealing with a bunch of IT-related issues.

Steven brought three of his kids (the youngest) in to visit us, which was so nice! Wyatt, Quinn (a girl) and Grace. And naturally I brought out the toy box I keep under my desk and played with them. (smile) I also always let them take toys home, which is exciting to them...

At one point during the day I told Jeff -- well, emailed him the step-by-step instructions -- on how to change the setting on his iPad so he could hear sound when in certain Apps. I'd been through the same thing and finally reasoned it out. He was glad! (I don't blame him.) It's one of those odd things that can happen with the iPad...

Marilyn and I gave Jeff a new Fitbit for Christmas. So I also helped him to set it up! He's go to go again. (woo hoo)

We gave blankets (plus the movie tickets) to Rich and Merlin. And Merlin gave me a recipe that I'm excited to try out!

After work we came home and had dinner, then Marilyn went for her massage therapy (it's all the way out to Donald, Oregon). And I worked on decorating the living room (finally!!!) for Christmas. We were sort of early for the family room, but just never got around to the living room for some reason.

Aside from our brand new Christmas tree, which came with 700 lights! Very pretty even before you decorate it!

It was also garbage night (the real deal). So I was gathering recycling, garbage and composting to get outside. And of course it was RAINING and cold!!! Hahaha.

Marilyn is always very tired and very sore after a session. And she doesn't get back until quite late...

I had a difficult time sleeping, for whatever reason. (sigh) Strange, considering how tired I was!

Friday, December 23:
We went to a (VERY LATE) breakfast with sister Sue (we went and picked her up, as she currently has no car) and our friends June and Jim (who met us at Elmer's). We had a lovely time! (Marilyn was kind enough to pick up the tab.) (Marilyn dropped Sue and me so she could go and get gas, which we needed!)

And June and Jim had some nice birthday gifts for me -- and a card she had made for me! -- too. So sweet.

After breakfast we went and got our 'neighbor gifts' to be ready to give out tomorrow. This year we're giving out tins of popcorn! We haven't done that in many years, so it's sort of an exciting change.

We also drove to try and get a fresh evergreen wreath for inside the front door, but couldn't find one. Too bad. We really wanted the smell...

In the afternoon we went to Hooters to met up with Jeff, who wanted to give us his gifts. We had drinks and ate frickles (deep fried dill pickles) and chicken fingers (yummy!). Another nice visit!

Then we came home and I could barely keep my eyes open (after not sleeping well last night). So I had a VERY LONG NAP.

When I finally got up it was almost midnight! Marilyn had been awake for hours. Hahaha. So we FINALLY got out the decorations for the tree and put them up. It looks wonderful!

We watched "The House Without a Christmas Tree," "The Muppets Christmas Carol," "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "The Little Drummer Boy" while we did the decorating.

Time for BED at long last...

Sleep well, friends!!!
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