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Update: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (Wind, Rain and Marilyn Sees the Doctor)

Just a QUICK (very!!!) overview. I'm so very TIRED tonight...

Sunday, December 18:
The fourth Sunday in Advent.

We talked about going out, but it was still frozen most of the day. So we stayed home!

But Marilyn was TOTALLY OUT of pop. That's the main she drinks (Diet Pepsi), so it was a bad thing. She did drink some diet orange soda I had in the laundry room fridge.

We decided to order pizza -- and got some diet Coke (that's all they offer) with it, in 20 oz. bottles. (In the past I swear they only had 2 liter bottles. So this was cool!)

"The Sound of Music" was playing on TV, so we watched it. I can't begin to express what a HUGE effect this film (and the music) had on our lives, the minute it was released in 1965. Yes, we know every song by heart and we know the harmony and we used to be asked to sing from it constantly. (smile)

I still can't believe Charmian Carr died this past September at the age of 73. Too young, too young!

Monday, December 19:
Marilyn and I watched a bunch of Lifetime Christmas movies... (grin)

Marilyn washed and did her hair, and I colored mine (it turned out nice!). We went to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions, including my insulin (I was out!). Then we did a short, fast trip to Freddies, before hurrying home.

Marilyn was supposed to get a massage from Amanda, but didn't feel well so changed the appointment.

We had roast beef hash with Green Giant Veggie Tots for dinner. The tots were very tasty, by the way!

Henry wasn't feeling well on Monday -- and he was squinting out of his bad eye. (sigh)

We were expecting a serious RAIN STORM -- but we hadn't heard a word about WIND! It was AWFUL!!! We could hear the wind rattling the house all night long...

Tuesday, December 20:
Today we heard a lot about the terrible rains and winds! We got a terrible amount of rain within a ten-hour period. Thankfully our tarps had stayed up!

Marilyn had helped me check on those in the dark, holding a flashlight for me. They were down from the weight of the snow. Plus pretty torn after being up for so long...

I stayed home from work. Good thing, as there were quite a few chores to get done!

Marilyn went to see the doctor this morning. I'm so glad, as she's had the most terrible cough, that really had me worried. As it turns out, there was nothing to worry about. Even though the cough sounds bad, her lungs are quite clear! That's such good news.

I got up and found the big umbrella in front down from the wind!!!

I started by pulling down the old tarps in back, then I took out a bunch of the roses (that get in my way for this project), and finally put up NEW tarps. I was glad that I'd gotten two of each last year, so I had what I needed. It's a long, tough job. Hard because one person can't hold things up, but I managed. (I always do it by myself...)

Then I had come up with a way to fix the very broken umbrella! I had this old iron (I think???) pole. It's huge and very, very heavy! I'd seen it while cleaning in the garage recently -- but I knew it was there. (It's been there since we moved in. I can't remember if I brought it with me, or found it here...)

I used duct tape to put the two together. The hard part was balancing the pole while attaching the umbrella, but I managed it! And I moved it and got it back up again, underneath the tree near the garage. Messy job (there's so much mud out there). But I felt very accomplished after!

I had also put a load of dishes to wash in the house...

I put out food for the birds and critters. I was SO VERY GLAD today was both a clear (no rain!) day and a warm one. It made it much easier to do the chores.

I also put up our outdoor Christmas lights. There isn't much, but we have this wooden, gold Christmas tree with white lights, and a string of candy canes that stick into the ground in a row. Better than no lights, anyway! It makes us both cheerful, and isn't too much work.

I did end up taking a long nap in the late afternoon. I was pretty worn out.

Marilyn got home late, then we had to go out to buy a bunch of Christmas presents. And pick up her prescriptions from seeing the doctor.

We still need to do the cards for passing out tomorrow! She has lunch with Marcia and Gail (and is giving them each a gift). And we want to give out our cards and gifts to the staff tomorrow...

We almost always give the staff movie gift cards. With a few exceptions. We're giving Jeff a new Fitbit. And other gift cards to Carol and Steven. And I have a different gift for Donn and Denise.

We counted out our blankets we're giving away, too -- and I made a list. This year we have enough to go around, thankfully.

I'd wanted to get out more decorations, but didn't really get to it. I put the green light bulb out on the porch. (smile) And the lighted 'box' under the tree (that looks like a glass package with lights inside and wrapped in a bow). And the metal tree that holds special Christmas ornaments is up, too.

Henry was sicker today. I'm not sure why. But he had his eye closed most of the day! I gave him his drops and his daily pill and spent some time with him. He felt feverish to me. Poor little guy... (sigh)

We ate McDonald's for dinner (we hadn't had it for quite some time). Easy. (No cooking!) And we were both starving by the time we ate.

Tomorrow night we go to Mickie and Vern's house for dinner (an annual event). That should be fun!

Work tomorrow! Forgot to mention that I spent time on IT today, as Rich was having computer issues. Talked to Donn several times.

VERY GOOD NEWS: It's not 100% confirmed, but it looks as if Donn and Denise are getting their mortgage after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means they'll be able to keep their home (which they both love), and Donn's beloved shop. This is their 'forever home,' so I can't express how delighted they are. I'm still praying, of course. I really want this to happen for them. They are both wonderful people and they deserve this. (And it's terrible to lose your home, after all!)

Forgot to mention talking to sister Sue SEVERAL times. She has no car, so we've wanted to go to Elmer's, but can't. (sigh) I hope Candy replaces her car again soon...

That's IT for today! I'm sorry I've been bad recently about blogging. But I am trying.

I still have a bunch of photos to share. Maybe sometime soon...

Sleep well!
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