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Tuesday, Dec. 13 and Wednesday, Dec. 14 -- Decorating and SNOW!

Tuesday, December 13:
I spent the day cleaning a bit -- and THEN I got in and brought out all of the many boxes of decorations we put up in our family room, downstairs.

All of our decorations are stored in the laundry room -- some under the stairs, and others in the corner (not far from the dryer). We've kept them here since moving into this house.

These are pretty well organized. Christmas boxes are stored with other Christmas boxes -- just like Halloween is with Halloween and Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving. And they're marked outside for either the family room or living room. As there are many, many (many!) boxes, this is absolutely necessary.

I started putting things out. There are a few things that ALWAYS go in the same place each year. But other things end up wherever I happen to feel like putting them. (smile)

I took a bunch of photos tonight -- so I'll download and share those soon, I promise.

In the family room are the SENTIMENTAL items. Things that we've had since we were kids or teenagers. Or that Mom had before we were born -- or things that she made. They aren't necessarily the nicest decorations, but it's such a pleasure to see them every year...

I had things looking pretty nice at one point. Then I discovered another HUGE box that hadn't been put out, yet. Hahaha. As Marilyn is fond of saying, KA-BOOM! Christmas exploded in that room! Oh my. There's way too much stuff.

But here's an example: I have Mom's beloved broken toy soldier band that she put out every year. I couldn't figure out what to do with them this year, but I found this black metal 'box' that my nephew Larry made when he was in high school (and he's a grown man with children of his own now). I used some craft stuff to hold each soldier inside the box -- and it was the perfect size. And Mom would be so delighted. (smile)

I also made dinner: Super Green pasta spaghetti and tomato sauce (with buttered rye bread). And I baked some brownies, too.

Marilyn didn't get home until past 8:00 p.m. (!!!), poor thing. She was starving and so tired. She's still coughing very hard and trying to get over her bug...

The magic hour of our game rolled around (midnight) and I did it for both of our games before finally heading to bed.

Forgot to mention that I did TWO loads of dishes and a bunch of laundry, too. A long and busy day!

Wednesday, December 15:
We've known all week long that we were getting MORE snow today -- but it was slated to come during the afternoon. Then they kept moving BACK the time it would arrive.

But Marilyn went to her Executive meeting early this morning. They knew driving would be fine for the morning commute.

My task was to help put up the change of application submission deadline at the website, as today was supposed to be the deadline. But we didn't want a bunch of teenage girls (and/or their parents) coming downtown to our office -- especially as the plan was to CLOSE the office as soon as the snow hit. We made the new deadline Friday morning -- and were encouraging them to MAIL these (rather than hand-deliver them). Anything postmarked prior to 11:00 a.m. Friday would be just fine...

That might sound like a small thing, but we had to talk through exactly how we were going to say what was being posted -- and it had to go on several pages of the website. Interesting, to say the least.

Sister Sue and I were supposed to go get our hair done today at 2:00 -- but the minute the snow started falling Sue cancelled the appointments.

There wasn't that much snow, folks. But what a terrible, terrible mess! As of the 11:00 news, there were STILL people caught on city roads, unable to get home! There are school children sleeping overnight at schools or caught in school buses. Many people spent hours on the road, trying to get where they were going. Some ran out of gas, spun out or just got tired of the wait -- so there were abandoned cars all over the place!

I can't begin to describe how awful it was. But thankfully the festival closed down immediately when the snow started -- and Marilyn got home without any trouble at all (and even stopped to pick up some takeout Yakisoba noodles on her way).

We watched a lot of storm coverage on TV today. Portland Public Schools were really catching hell for not closing earlier. They not only didn't close in advance of the school day, but they decided to STAY OPEN when things started to go crazy. They deserve everything they've been hearing from parents, believe me. Needless to say, I think, they've already closed schools for tomorrow...

Which means that the festival office is also closed tomorrow. As Marilyn could use some more rest, I'm very glad.

Of course, we were supposed to go SHOPPING late last night to get our things for the gift exchange Friday (during our staff Christmas party). So we've got to try and do that somehow tomorrow... Hahaha.

Marilyn and I watched the WONDERFUL Pentatonix Christmas show (on NBC). And the SNL special, as well. Good stuff!

And I took photos to share of all the family room Christmas stuff. Plus the fabulous art pieces that I bought from my friend Zandre (Christine's 18-year-old son).

I talked to Sue several times, Shari several times, and June and Adeena, too. I'm blessed by friends and family. And Marilyn was talking to and texting with Jeff a ton...

Got to run -- it's time for the magic hour for tonight.

Stay WARM and SAFE, friends! We'll do the same, believe me.
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