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Moderation (At Last) -- Cleaning Floors (About Time)

We FINALLY had this horrible icy weather MODERATE today. But it took a long, long time! You could see branches in our back yard trees just coated with ICE from freezing rain for most of the day. The streets were okay and most of the sidewalks and walkways -- but there was still ice all over the place. (sigh)

Sister Sue had her Christmas party at the house of her gay friends today (whom she knows from cribbage). They have this party every year. We both hope she had a great time!

I was glad to see all the birds and squirrels out eating and eating (all day long) under the big tree in front of our garage. I always feed and water the crows and other critters there. And recently I added the old (well, not-so-old) umbrella there, to keep the majority of the snow and ice from covering up their food. (We didn't use it anymore. We'd offered it to Sue and family, but they didn't want it. So our plan had been to donate it months ago. Now I'm glad we didn't, as it worked pretty well for this new purpose!)

I didn't go out to bring up the roll carts (garbage and recycling) until fairly late. It was already dark out at that point. There was a HUGE BRANCH that came out of the tree -- but it certainly could have been worse! I managed to drag that off the driveway, then I got a rake and got up all the smaller pieces that were left behind. I started wondering how 'rocks' had gotten all over the driveway -- then realized these so-called rocks were actually HUGE chunks of ICE that had been all over the branch that fell!!! I even picked up a couple of big pieces and brought them in for Marilyn to see! Good grief.

I spent part of the day cleaning the kitchen floor, which really needed it. I'd made it pretty bad going in and out during the bad weather, tracking a ton of mud and detritus (leaves and pine needles and so on). So first I did a ton of sweeping, then I mopped like mad. It really turned out nice!

I also cleaned up some of the bad spots on the hardwood floors in the living room. I still need to do the hallway floors and my bathroom, but at least I got a good start. I was sweating like mad and soaked to the skin when I got done. I even had to change shirts and use the hair dryer on my damp hair.

In other news (smile), I'm happy to report that Marilyn was feeling a little better today. That cough of hers still seems pretty bad, though! It really disturbs me to hear it. But thankfully she has a couple more days before heading back to work.

I'd like to say she could stay down both days, but we're both obligated to attend a concert with our friends Carla and Gary tomorrow -- and there's really no way around it. This is the couple we'll be going with to London next year. And she's invited us many, many times to see this performer with them. So this time Marilyn agreed. Hopefully it won't wear Marilyn out too much.

It reminds me how I was nodding off when we went to the Huey Lewis concert months back. I know it's hard to imagine someone not being able to stay wide awake at a concert -- right? Well, it's just a sign of how ill I've been in 2016, I guess... I can basically fall asleep almost anywhere, under almost any conditions now. And, no, that's (obviously) not a good thing. (sigh)

I still find it pretty damn COLD in the house, even though we're up into the 40's now. At least we don't have to keep running our cold water all the time. Hahaha.

Marilyn and I enjoyed the day -- and especially the Friday night TV, as always.

Oh! And earlier in the day we watched the movie "The Shining," which we only ever saw one time (right after it came out. We were always big Stephen King fans, and this movie was based on his 1977 novel. Originally we didn't care for it much -- and interestingly enough, neither did the critics! But since then, critics have changed their opinion!!! Actually, it's now considered one of the greatest horror films ever made. (American director Martin Scorsese ranked it one of the 11 scariest horror movies of all time.) Marilyn had it playing on some channel with commercials, then we decided to watch it uncut.

I felt very differently about it this time around and really did enjoy it. I think back in 1980 I was just too critical of the fact that it didn't seem to stick to King's novel that closely. Plus I remember thinking Jack Nicholson was way, way over the top. And I'd never been much of a Shelley Duvall fan. But now I think they both did a great job. And Danny Lloyd and Scatman Crothers were amazing! Plus the location was really wonderful. Very scary stuff -- without tons of gore.

If you've never seen it, you should consider it. If you saw it back then and felt negative -- as we did -- you might want to give it another chance.

There's a LOT to be said for horror that isn't just blood and disgustingly mangled bodies.

We also rented "The Exorcist," planning to watch that, but we ran out of time. (We have a lot to watch on Saturdays!) I suppose we'll try and see it tomorrow...

We were among those too frightened (mainly of being totally grossed out) back when this film came out to go and see it. Stupid! This is really a classic movie. We're also fans of the prequels they made (there were two versions -- we liked them both). More about this film soon!

Can't think what else I'm forgetting to share. But I need to head to bed...

Sleep well, stay healthy, happy and WARM, friends!!!
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