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Every Day is a Party! (My 2016 Birthday.)

Marilyn is still VERY, VERY sick. I had a number of people suggest things I could do today -- including Marilyn! But I wouldn't enjoy celebrating WITHOUT Marilyn, frankly. And I didn't think she should be trying to get up just to take me to get food (especially as she was too sick to be hungry today), either.

But our personal outlook is that EVERY DAY IS A PARTY! Not every minute of every day, but I can't tell you how often one or the other of us (or both of us) say "It's like a party!" We can make a party out of any day, just watching TV, eating some food we like or having popcorn and/or ice cream. I'm NOT kidding. That's how we really feel.

So even when we're sick, we manage to stay happy. Even when we've been sick on and off for MONTHS AND MONTHS (as we both have this year), we still stay positive.

2016 has been a difficult year for both of us. I can't believe Marilyn is sick again. And she's suffering, no doubt about it. She's really miserable, poor thing. But she just won't let it get her down, even so.

I heard from many, many friends today. By phone, online and via text messages. All these people helped to make my day special.

We basically spent a quiet day, watching TV and (yes, you guessed it) playing with our iPads (and SimCity BuildIt, among other activities). As has been true our whole lives, television is such a lifesaver for both of us! And there's nothing like a good game, as well. SimCity BuildIt has sure been fun while we've been sick these last few months. And when we're NOT sick, too! Hahaha.

I don't think it's quite as cold outside as they'd warning about earlier in the week. But I still DID go out and cover the front spigot, just to be safe!!! Naturally I forgot until after DARK, but it was pretty simple, so that didn't end up mattering.

I did make eggs and bacon for lunch-ish. But poor Marilyn couldn't eat much. Doesn't matter. Any uneaten food goes right out to the critters, who always appreciate it! Waste not, want not, as Mom would be saying if she were here...

Yes, part of getting older is dealing with the loss of loved ones who have gone on before us. And missing them on special days (or just on any day). Marilyn and I were discussing it today.

We saw the "Touched By An Angel" Christmas episode that mentioned Mark Twain today. Being fascinated by history, I had to immediately find out if what they were sharing on the show was true or not. They didn't exactly get it 'right,' but it was interesting that they would have someone write a script that included the Twain story! Marilyn and I were both impressed...

We had popcorn in place of dinner. Hahaha. Marilyn couldn't face food and I wasn't really that hungry. And we've often eaten popcorn in place of a meal, so...

But I did have a couple of glasses of CHAMPAGNE, I have to admit! Celebration! Hahaha. Every new year is a good one.

I sure hope Marilyn feels better soon...

THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who has (or will) wish me birthday greetings! I try hard to thank each person, but don't always remember. (No! It's not because I'm getting old. Hahaha.)

Off for a nap, I think! I've spent a bunch of time SLEEPING today. But I was up most of the night. And sleep is a good thing. (smile)

I wonder if we're still supposed to get SNOW tomorrow? That's always a big deal here in Portland.

Sweet dreams -- and may you, too, have many 'parties' in your lives!!!
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