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Marilyn is Very Sick... And Now Sue, Too...

Marilyn is very sick and really suffering, poor thing. Coughing constantly. I feel terrible for her.

Candy is still sick -- and now it looks like sister Sue is sick, as well.

This is a nasty virus that has been making the rounds in our office at work -- but around the area, clearly, too. (sigh)

Henry was howling like mad several times today. He really, really wanted my attention -- especially when I was very busy...

Colin has taken to sleeping in HENRY'S tent in the living room (!!!). Good grief! When he's not sleeping on the soft blanket I put under the Christmas tree especially for him, that is. I think he goes in the tent when he gets cold.

And it's been VERY COLD here -- and we're expecting even colder weather Sunday and Monday.

I made eggs and bacon for lunch today. And then chili, again, for dinner. Both Marilyn and I like to eat chili when we're not feeling well.

And I made hot tea (served sweet without milk). Trying to help Marilyn's poor sore throat.

Fridays are always fun, even when we're not feeling well. We love watching the METV shows that start at 6:00 p.m. our time and run all night long. Though for whatever reason we can't seem to remember to tune in in time for "The Wild, Wild West" at 6:00 -- usually we only see the end. This is a series we've loved so much in our lives that we used to have EVERY SINGLE EPISODE on video tape (naturally we've since gotten rid of them -- but we did have them at one point).

Watching "Batman" sure takes me back! We loved it as kids and STILL love it as adults. Man, that Adam West! (grin)

I did text with Candy, Adeena and Mark today -- at one point with all three at the same time. That was when I was also on the phone with my friend June (plus talking briefly to Sue, as well). Crazy how that works, huh?

My focus remains Marilyn, for the record. Friends and family are all asking about getting together with me tomorrow, but I don't see that happening. Jeff has been really firm about it -- but I don't think he realizes how sick Marilyn really is, as he wants to do something with both of us. Oh well.

Timing is everything. Marilyn comes first for me, probably needless to say. I can't see me doing something without HER there, after all. (As if I could enjoy myself knowing she was at home REALLY SICK AND REALLY MISERABLE. Not happening.)

Anyway, we don't tend to do anything for my birthday, anyway, so that's fine. Sometimes we go out for lunch or dinner. And sometimes we go to a movie. But usually not. (shrug)

Every day is a 'party' for Marilyn and me, in spite of illness or other difficulties. We work to make life happy in spite of negative things. And Saturdays are sure party days now that we enjoy the METV lineup so much! Hahaha.

Oh! I also made popcorn tonight, which we both really enjoy...

I almost forgot to mention this! I put our four pumpkins -- and a bunch of gourds -- out in the back yard. You can easily see them from our huge living room windows. And today I saw that one pumpkin has the top totally torn off and looks gutted. And a squirrel was really tearing into another one and eating and eating! Very cute to see! We did that last year and were quite surprised when they began eating them. So we knew we were going to do it again this year. I wish I had video of it!!! Hahaha.

I had hummers again today. I really need to clean and fill the hummingbird feeder again (hopefully tomorrow). We get a lot of the little guys (and girls).

I think that's it for now. Continuing to send out good thoughts and prayers to Frank!

And I sure hope Marilyn, Sue and Candy get well soon. (And all my friends at work, as well.)

I'm sure enjoying my flowers from Rich and Merlin! (I'm having one heck of a time keeping Colin away from them. Hahaha.)

Sweet dreams all. STAY HEALTHY IF YOU CAN!!!!
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