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Marilyn is Sick (And Stayed Home Today From Work!)

Marilyn is very sick. Terrible sore throat and other upper respiratory symptoms. And clearly running a fever, as she keeps telling me how 'HOT' it is in the house, when it's actually quite cold...

I feel TERRIBLE for her. She's had so much illness to deal with this year. Plus she had a really full day of work that she had to put off -- and nobody else can do those things, so they just pile up for her to tackle. Poor Marilyn.

I admit to spending a VERY LAZY DAY myself, this Friday. I mostly was lying around and sleeping a TON. I was sleeping in the family room chair (MY chair), which is close by to Marilyn's beloved sofa (where she does most of her sleeping -- especially when she's sick). I never used to be able to sleep so soundly in that chair in the past. I always went to BED when I wanted to do any serious sleeping. But with my illness this year I started actually sleeping in the chair -- and in front of TV, another thing I didn't used to be able to do. I guess it shows that when you're truly tired you can sleep pretty much anywhere. Hahaha. But I think I've also made that chair more comfy for sleeping, thankfully...

I did go out with sister Sue again today so we could get BOTH my prescriptions (from yesterday!!!) and Marilyn's, too. And then Sue and I went to Freddies to do more shopping.

We always ENJOY these trips together, which give us a lot of time to chat and share the details of our lives with one another. It's nice to be together when we can. After we were done shopping (and I'd put everything out in the car), we got Starbucks and sat and visited for some time before heading home again.

Yes, I got a latte for Marilyn -- but she never did end up drinking it today. It's in the fridge in case she wants it tomorrow. And I finally remembered to get COFFEE for the coffee pot (!!!) today (we use Yuban), as well. So I can always make a pot of coffee when we want it.

I really WISH I'd remembered to get PAPER TOWELS, though! Good grief! How many times can I go to the store and still not have everything we need???????

Marilyn ate her burritos for lunch and I made myself curry noodles (the very short version). Then we had a delicious pot of chili for dinner! We both love chili in cold weather. Heck, we love it in all kinds of weather, actually. Hahaha.

Tonight being Friday night, we watched a bunch of Star Trek, as always.

Marilyn being Marilyn, she ended up doing a TON of work from here at home (!!!), no surprise. No matter how sick she is, she always does what really needs doing.

I ate a bowl of my 'on sale' cereal for breakfast this morning! As I told Sue, I just couldn't pass up that sale yesterday, it was so damn good! It's a HUGE box (!!!), so I had one heck of a time finding a spot for it. But I managed. And I'm planning to enjoy every single bowlful. (grin)

June and I talked for ages this evening, which was nice. She was asking about Pinterest, which I barely use, frankly. But I went into the App (for iPad) and looked around a bit, just for the heck of it. I think it only appeals to certain people, but what the hell... I like to try and keep up on various forms of Social Media. Anyway.

We're expecting one hell of a cold snap here, come Sunday (my bday). And possibly SNOW on Monday (!!!). They're usually WRONG when they predict that, so I guess we'll see!!!

That's it, so good night! Sleep well. Still praying for Frank!!!
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