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Last Day of November -- Chores at Home! (Putting Things Away...)

Last night I really, really didn't feel well. I had a very stiff neck and a touch of headache and I was afraid I was going to have a bout of vertigo (which I have very rarely now, thankfully!). So I took a Meclizine before going to bed. I was also nauseous, so I tried one of our new anti-nausea medication Marilyn and I bought to try: Nauzene. The cover of the box reads: New improved taste! Scary, because these taste REALLY BAD. Yuck!!! They actually work, by the way. But I think it could make some people nauseous to try taking them. Hahaha.

Marilyn said I should take it easy today (she was worried about me). But I actually felt good this morning, so I decided to tackle a couple of important chores!

I needed to rearrange in the garage so I could make room for the HUGE BOX our new Christmas came in (and that we'll want to use for storing it during the rest of the year!!!). I wanted to put it where we had the old tree, but the old tree box was considerably SMALLER. Anyway, I spent quite some time out there moving things around and getting rid of a bunch of old boxes -- which I stuck out back for Hector to haul off.

Then I took the box out of the office where I'd put it and managed to get it into the garage where I'd made a spot for it. (grin) That was harder than it probably sounds. The empty box is still HEAVY and also AWKWARD! I think I'll need to drag the tree out to the garage to put it inside. I have to reason that out when it's time to take the tree down again. Hahaha.

It was REALLY, REALLY cold in the garage, by the way! (brr) But once I get working hard the cold doesn't bother me.

After that I was ready to tackle getting out the boxes and putting away all the Thanksgiving decorations from the living room and family room. We'd added several items this year, so I actually had to start a whole new box. Thankfully I'd found a WONDERFUL one in my closet recently. I think I was keeping it to store clothes, but frankly I need to PARE DOWN my clothes anyway. So I took this plastic box with a built-in lid and used it for Thanksgiving decos.

I got all of the things packed up again and stored away (we keep them in the laundry/utility room). So I ended up working really hard again today -- and doing a lot of lifting, too...

I was pretty tired by the time Marilyn finally got home after her LONG DAY at work! She was worn out, too, believe me...

I made Steak-Umm for dinner, along with Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice. It made a good dinner. And we each ate a scone for dessert.

And I made homemade popcorn tonight, too.

We watched "Designated Survivor" while we ate our popcorn. We're both disappointed with the direction the show has taken. At first it seemed very original, but now it's a typical over-the-top series. So many shows seem to go this way. We HATED what happened on the show tonight! I won't spoil for those who might follow the show and have yet to see it. But we found it highly unrealistic and disappointing. (sigh) This tendency to make movies and television series so convoluted and over-the-top is unfortunate. It makes these shows hard to relate to, as real life just isn't like that.

Marilyn was sound asleep by the magic hour of SimCity BuildIt, so I gathered free items for both her game and my own. I sometimes do that when she drifts off before midnight. (smile) It's difficult to explain, but they ALWAYS give you a bunch of free things between midnight and one -- and that ALWAYS includes a gold key, Sim bucks and Simoleans (plus some other items that are difficult to get).

I watched a bunch of "The Simpsons" on cable today while working. Well, listened to is probably more accurate! Hahaha.

Marilyn just came upstairs to check on me. I woke up and wanted to blog, so here I am. Anyway, it's very late, so she was wondering why I was still awake. I need to head to bed, obviously!

Must quickly mention that Colin was sleeping under the Christmas tree for HOURS today! And at one point I thought I'd never get Henry to stop trying to CLIMB up the center of the tree! They just love the tree so much -- and don't care that it's not a real tree.

Fun note!!! I got a delivery in the late afternoon/early evening. It was FLOWERS for my upcoming birthday from Rich and Merlin. Isn't that wonderful of them??? And when Marilyn got home she had my present from Charold and Rich (different Rich), too! They NEVER forget my bday and always give me something really nice. I love these four people and can't get over how sweet and generous they are!

Well, better head to bed! Good night, and sleep well, all!!!
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