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Very Busy Day: Toy Drive and Training Jason...

As I mentioned previously, today was the festival's annual Toy Drive day. We team up with Fox 12 and Tires Les Schwab as one of the spots where people can drop off toys for children in need.

I was having low blood sugar this morning, so Marilyn and I ended up a little late this morning. But we made it in plenty of time for the morning segments. These start at 4:30 a.m. and run until 9:00 a.m. Several times during the hour they go Live at our office to show the Toy Drive and pimp out various things about the festival. Our Clown Prince is there, princesses, members of the Clown Corps, singers, Santa Claus and others (mainly staff!!!). We have 'snow,' our Clown Prince throne FLOAT, cool lights on the side of the building and tons and tons of awesome TOYS.

I got to sing a couple of times on TV with the group performing (harmonizing with my friend Don, who directs the group). And there was a lot of gathering up toys as they were delivered.

In the evening during the news (from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.) we're on TV again. A different Santa Claus, the Clown Prince, clowns and others (staff, again) appear during segments. They talk to various people like Carol about Giving Tuesday and Jeff about the festival in general (and upcoming news). I ended up helping 'direct' people in gathering the toys. The last 'action' was to load the Les Schwab truck with the toys gathered today -- but he could only take away HALF, there were so many toys!!! (He'll be back tomorrow for the rest.) It actually was NOT my goal to end up on TV during the evening segments, but I ended up there several times, even so... (Marilyn did, too. Pretty much the entire staff was on...)

The Toy Drive went amazingly well. We always get some incredible toy donations, but this year topped others by far. Bikes and trikes and HUGE toys (expensive ones!) were all over the place! Some really big Star Wars toys, for example. Some of these toys were both big and HEAVY. I'm not kidding.

After the morning segment ended, I started in training Jason, our new Sponsorship Manager. This went extremely well -- I have to say I was very impressed by him. The session was well over before noon (!!!), and I felt he was way ahead of the curve, so to speak.

Donn was in to work today. I think I'll have him back again on Friday...

A big gang of us went to Starbucks for coffee -- the 'first day' tradition for a new person. (Marilyn paid, but was in a meeting and couldn't go with us.)

In the afternoon Marilyn and I went to Subaru for routine maintenance on our car -- the first time since getting this car (back during the festival). It was incredible how FAST the service was!!! We'd planned to be there for 90 minutes, he told us 35 - 40 minutes when we got there and it actually took 24 minutes! Wow. It's quite a huge improvement...

Marilyn and I went over to Anne's Deli to get sandwiches when we got back. We both picked out a sandwich and a bottle of pop, then she headed back to the office to take photos of Angel with the toys, while I waited for our food. We were both really hungry, so we ate half of our sandwiches right off (and the rest later in the day). I've been cutting way back on soda, so this was quite a treat for me. Hahaha.

There were cookies and stuff in the office for the event, but neither Marilyn nor I had anything... Just sayin'.

Fitbit Update: I got 6,537 steps today (!!!), 4,995 (missed 5,000 by FIVE STEPS!) yesterday and 3,324 on Sunday. My personal 'goal' is 4,000 steps a day, so I'm doing much better again. It's not like I'm getting to 10,000, but it is an improvement!!!

I think we got home between 7:30 and 8:00 tonight (after the Toy Drive had totally wrapped up). We ate our leftover Crisp Meat Burritos from Taco Time (from yesterday) for dinner...

I forgot (!!!) to turn up the heat this morning, so the house was pretty cold tonight. It was a chilly day, I thought. Good for our fake snow! Hahaha.

We're both pretty TIRED tonight. Marilyn had numerous meetings during the day, aside from the Toy Drive. We all had Creative Team at 4:00 p.m. where we managed to do some brainstorming in spite of being on a tight schedule.

Aside from my walking, I did a lot of heavy lifting (most everybody did!). I'm a bit sore tonight, but oh well.

Can't think if there's anything else left to share. But it was quite a busy and productive day today!

I got to wear my new puffy vest to work today! It's the first-ever puffy vest I've ever had. And it's a large, by the way. And my brand new black pants are starting to be too big on me. Crazy, huh?

Today was a dry, lovely day, thankfully! The Toy Drive is much nicer when the weather cooperates.

Well, the magic midnight hour is coming up. Then we'll be off to bed.

Did I mention my HAIR DRYER went out??? Awful! So we got a new one at the store last night. I can't wait to try it out. It's supposedly has some fancy new feature. Hahaha.

Sleep well all and happy dreams!
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