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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Quiet Sunday -- First Day of Advent, 2016 
charlie 2012 beige
Today is the first day of ADVENT, 2016.

I did take down Thanksgiving (all the decorations), but I have yet to pack them up and put them away. And, no, I haven't started to decorate for Christmas, as yet.

Marilyn and I spent another quiet day of TV watching, iPad playing and napping (at least, I know I napped quite a bit -- not sure about her!).

We thought about going to a movie, but ran to the store, instead. We grabbed a few items then came back home to watch MORE television. And we had popcorn. It's always 'like a party' at our house -- pretty much every day, when you come right down to it. Oh. And we had roast beef hash and green beans for dinner...

I broke down and did the unheard of: I got SKIM MILK at the store! I've ALWAYS HATED it, my entire life, and always refused to drink it or use it on cereal, etc. But I'm giving it another chance, I guess. I mean, if I -- of all people -- can successfully give up salt, then maybe I can go to using skim milk, too. Anyway, I want to give it a fair chance. I guess we'll see!

I did let myself have a soda today -- I've cut way, way back on that. But I don't necessarily think it's bad for you. I haven't used pop with sugar for decades -- so I always use diet (sugar free) sodas. But there is a sodium content, so...

It's certainly been cold around here! When I bring in water from the garage (where we store it), the bottles feel like they came straight out of the fridge! Yikes.

We watched some Christmas shows on TV. And we were just watching Jurassic Park II (we both really like Ian Malcolm).

I can't think of what else I should say, so I guess I'll close for today. Sleep well, my friends! And wherever you are, stay warm!!!
November 29, 2016 (Tuesday) 12:44 am (UTC)
Happy Advent!
December 4, 2016 (Sunday) 09:56 pm (UTC)
I switched painlessly to unsweetened almond milk. Not good for cooking, but good in coffee.