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Thanksgiving Day, 2016

Posting this quite late tonight, as I just finished up our garbage and recycling for this week (and it's real garbage week, by the way).

The cool thing??? It was POURING DOWN RAIN all day long -- and I do mean POURING. But it's actually NOT raining outside right now! There was rain dripping from the trees (and we have a large tree just outside our garage), but it was lovely not to be dealing with heavy rain while I was outside! Plus it's been BITTER COLD all day long, too! Just going into the garage about killed me earlier (I needed bottled water, and we store it out there). I brought in a big bottle of water for making coffee, and some smaller bottles of drinking water, too. Those smaller bottles felt just like they'd come straight out of the fridge!!! Yes, it's that cold inside our garage (which is not insulated, unfortunately).

Imagine how much warmer the house would be if the garage was insulated? Well, maybe not. But there's a big cold area just inside the back door that goes to the garage...

We sure had a ton of garbage this week. No idea why there was so much! But I'm glad to be done with it.

Before I go on any more (heh), I want to be sure to share with my American friends:

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

I have many things to be grateful for, in spite of all the difficult things in 2016. One of the main things I'm thankful for is my friends and family, which includes YOU guys!!! Thanks so much for your friendship and support!!! I really cherish you knowing you!

Marilyn and I spent a quiet day here at home all day. Considering all the rain (!!!), it was a good day to be inside the house. I feel blessed that we have no sign of flooding (so far). Amazing when you consider the amount of rain we've had all month long (and in October).

We were both up around 6:00 for a bit, but went back to sleep until 9:00, when the NBC coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade started. We watched that until noon. Partly because of family tradition, of course, but also because it's our job to see it so we can discuss it with our festival staff.

I made coffee and turned up the furnace, then we ate leftover pizza for breakfast -- it was delicious!

We talked with sister Sue and our friends Shari and June. And we texted with Adeena. I hope they all had a great Thanksgiving!

We watched a bunch of TV, including Star Trek. And played on our iPads, of course. And I did a TON of napping during the day, which is wonderful, too. (smile)

We had talked about going to a movie, but didn't end up doing that. We'll probably go sometime in the next few days, though.

There's really nothing else to share. We had a nice day and both enjoyed it very much. Just being home all day is delightful. We're enjoying our vacation -- and today's holiday.

We did each have a small slice of pumpkin pie and coffee, finishing the small pie we'd bought. And I made popcorn, too. And later on we each had a mug of cocoa, as well (using the Keurig). I guess good days do include good food. (grin)

Again, I hope all of you had a good day, too. I'm off to bed!

Sleep well, friends. Sweet dreams!
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