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Great Day -- Thanksgiving EVE

Marilyn and I had a great day today. We took it easy and just didn't really DO anything much. (smile)

At one point we were going to drive down to the beach house today, but we had decided not to do that. Did you know today is one of the busiest travel days of the entire year? So I'm sure it was a good decision not to go.

We spent our day playing online, including RPing. And watching TV, of course.

Sad news: Candy's car was struck by another car while sitting on the parking lot of the building where she works (over in Vancouver). The good news was that it didn't happen in traffic, nobody was hurt and it wasn't Candy hitting someone else! We'll know more later on.

Sister Sue spends Wednesday nights at Larry's house (her son and his wife and family). Marilyn and I had dinner at Amalfi's. We ate spaghetti and got a pizza, too. But we didn't touch it. Instead we ended up bringing the entire pizza home and eating some of it tonight -- plus we'll eat more tomorrow. We got a combo, as we always do -- but it had NO pepperonicini peppers on top. Interestingly enough, Marilyn hasn't been dealing all that well with spicy foods lately, and we were both just fine with this version of the pizza. (grin)

We eventually had coffee and pumpkin pie, too. We got the pumpkin pie the other night and had a piece then. It's small, but good! Actually, we're both glad it seems a bit on the bland side and not as spicy as some pumpkin pies tend to be.

I forgot to mention! I replaced the FILTER on the furnace today!!! The last time we bought new filters, we got two, so we had a spare. These are quite spendy and run around $50 in price. (No, I'm NOT kidding!) I put on rubber gloves and got a large plastic glove to use to dispose of the old filter. It really was filthy!!! And we're both noticing that we're not as 'crazy' when the furnace is running now. I guess it was about time, in other words.

I'm off to bed so I can get up at a decent hour to see the parades and stuff on TV in the morning...

Good night and sleep tight!
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