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I've neglected to take the time to mention that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have finally started work on one of our websites! About time... (smile)

Well, I mentioned it briefly last entry, actually. But only briefly!

Thus far we've used our sites to post icons and link to images we wanted to share -- or to post items about friends so they could share them with others. (Such as when friends have had an article in a newspaper, we'd scan these and give out the link for them to send to relatives and friends.) We also used one for Marilyn professionally when she attended a conference -- I coded and uploaded the papers she handed out for her sessions, allowing attendees to access these via links. (The latter was rather nifty!)

But we've always intended to finally start to code and upload all our many years of fic. (grin)

We've been writing slash, for example, since Marilyn's early work in the late 60's! She wrote her first Kirk/Spock blowjob while the series was still originally being aired. We're talking Classic "Star Trek" -- as they now like to call it -- here! And we both wrote a lot of fic (mostly all slash) in the 70's and 80's, too.

Genres? Name one! We've written everything from "Star Trek" and "Starsky and Hutch" (first main slash interests, fic-wise) to "Magnum, P.I." and "Profiler." (And everything between.) We'd see something and immediately slash it! We've written RPS, too, but never shared any of it via zines (published fanzines) or online. (Yes, we've handed these around to a large circle of friends. That was one of the main ways people used to share fics in the past, after all. Literally hand-to-hand.)

Now you might be wondering when my subject line is coming into play here. (smile)

As I set up our first site, I decided to use Blogger.Com as an easy way of including site updates.

Wow. I'm simply amazed by how easy it is to use! No more difficult than LiveJournal. Frankly, it's probably easier in many ways. (grin) If you don't mind looking at a website with little or nothing on it currently, then go and see what I mean, HERE!

I've now created two different blogs and am using them for our 'news' and our 'recs.' They really work pretty seamlessly, I think -- and were simple to set up.

(Remember, I just started on the site on Thursday, so it's pretty raw right now. But the blogger aspects amaze me! Really. And note that the 'blog' link isn't for this -- it's where we'll eventually list links to our LJ and GJ accounts.)

Just look and tell me what you think, as I'm curious what others feel about this.

I thought it would be some major bitch to 'embed' the blogs into pages. But I didn't find that to be true at all. (Maybe it would be if I had a more complicated layout, I suppose. I've used a very basic layout here...)

By the way, can you believe the 'anti-frames girl' (me) actually ended up using frames? Who'd have guessed that! I've been down on frames for at least the past four years...

But I tried several methods that would allow me to have a constant navigational menu up at all times -- and have that menu be easy to change (add or subtract items) without having to re-code every page of web content. I simply couldn't find another way I liked. (Yes, yes, I played around with external JavaScript files, but I didn't care for the results, to be honest.)

I still need to write the <noframes> portion of the code, seeing as I haven't done that yet. I do want to be as accessible as possible.

Kevin kevinr and I've 'discussed' (mainly via email) the subject at length and both agree -- we're very much opposed to websites that favor one browser over another, etc. (I love Kevin's 'B.Y.O.B. -- bring your own browser' motto. It makes me smile!)

Kevin has me trying to check my own code to see if it's valid, by the way, via the (World Wide Web Consortium) website. (They have a built-in HTML Validator there that's awesome.) So far so good. (It doesn't call the actual 'frame' page, though, for whatever reason! It's coded according to their own very complicated and detailed documentation, so I've no clue what that's about. But the rest validates fine, anyway.)

No, Kevin, I don't have the validation banners and link up yet. I'll get to it! After all, this is only day three!

Well, it's now 3 a.m. and I'm headed to bed! Marilyn's already there -- and I think the cats are, too...

Can't wait to start our other two websites now! (smile)

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