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Sleepy Tonight! Just Woke Up a Moment Ago...

It's now 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday night, and I just woke up from where I'd fallen fast asleep in my chair in the family room. Marilyn is sound asleep on the sofa in the same room.

So I came upstairs to take my night time pills and to blog. It's actually chilly in the house (!!!), so I'm very glad I have on my red and white athletic pants and that there's a furry rug in front of the computer on top of the hardwood floors to keep my feet warm (both Marilyn and I have one here in the office upstairs).

I recall nodding off several times while playing SimCity BuildIt during the magic hour at midnight! It was a long and busy day.

Marilyn and I got up in plenty of time to be at work before her 7:30 Auction recap meeting. I was pretty proud how quickly I ran through my new morning routine (which now includes an insulin injection). I even found time to give Henry his pill before we departed.

My blood sugar this morning was 76 (!!!), but I was NOT having a low, in spite of that. I'm not sure WHY. But I was very cheerful this morning, actually! And singing while getting ready for work.

When Marilyn was done with her two meetings, we finally got to go to Starbucks with Steven (I bought coffee for him). I got a Holiday Flat White (love them!!!!) and a brownie. (smile) I actually needed to eat something so I could take my pills...

Jeff and I visited and chatted about his recent trip to Mexico. He was tanned and relaxed -- he had really needed a vacation, so I was happy about that!

Early on I worked on Jason's Profile and phone setup, which needed to be totally finished before Donn arrived to do the Profile on his computer.

At 10:00 a.m. we had Staff Meeting in the downstairs conference room. Jeff had promised to keep it short, which he did.

After that I spent my day working on the eNewsletter for next Tuesday. It involved coding and was somewhat complicated, but I actually LOVE the challenge. (smile) I was changing a bunch of the standard code to satisfy myself...

Marilyn hadn't felt well in the morning, so I gave her one of my anti-nausea pills: Prochlorperazine. I've been taking this medication for nausea for years. But I guess I never googled it before! Anyway, Marilyn wasn't feeling 'normal' after taking it, so she googled it later in the day. We found out it's a very serious drug and has a lot of side effects. Who knew? I originally got it from Mary (my dentist), and later from my doctor.

During Staff Meeting Jeff and Marilyn had decided to close the office early. Originally the mayor was having a Peace March in the afternoon -- and Protesters were expected to show up. They were doing all this at the Salmon Springs Fountain, which is right near our building! But the mayor wisely decided to cancel his gathering when he found out protesters were coming. That didn't stop the protesters from gathering anyway, though! Happily Jeff had said we should still go home early...

Marilyn and I were leaving as the protesters began to arrive! So I ran back in to tell everyone so they could all leave, too.

It was nasty coming home! Rainy and cold! We were pleased to finally arrive here.

I put on a pot of chili for a late lunch when we got home. My new 'trick' is to thicken the chili with some Wondra flour. I can't believe how 'watery' chili is now! It's really annoying! I get it that they're trying to fill the can more cheaply, but why not give us a better option that we can pay more for? We just want the same product we used to get! Anyway, adding the flour seemed to work. Obviously you don't want much flour in your chili, though! Hahaha. The goal isn't to bake a cake, after all. (sigh)

It was a nice day to be HOME. We were both tired and napping on and off as we watched TV and played on our iPads.

I did a little bit of work from here at home, helping Carol get our video up at YouTube. The festival has an account, and I am the 'keeper' of all the account passwords. It's a long tale, so I'll skip the details. I must say that it's ANNOYING since Google took over YouTube, though! Why make things so hard?

I chatted with sister Sue in the morning, and friend June in the evening.

I can't think what else to share. Marilyn and I watched DWTS -- it was the finale. Marilyn's favorite pair didn't win, but we both like the couple who did win.

I still have work to do on that eNewsletter, so we might have to go into work again at some point during vacation. I'm not sure I can do it Remotely. My Remote Desktop connection isn't all that great anymore, I'm afraid. Plus my work computer pretty well SUCKS!!! It's so slow! Even Donn admits that.

I'm due to start using my new computer, but it's not 100% set up yet. Maybe we'll get that done next week.

Anyway, I'm off to bed now. I hope you all sleep well!
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