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Chores, Work and Games -- A Good Day! (Plus: A Massage)

Busy and productive day! But fun, too. (smile) It is VACATION, after all!

I did a bunch of CHORES today, including some loads of laundry and a load of dishes.

I also spent a couple hours do more cleaning and organizing in my bedroom, which I think is pretty nice now. Anyway, I'm HAPPY with what I accomplished.

Marilyn went in to the office to work around 4:00, working until after 7:00 (almost 7:30). She had a lot to get done. In the meanwhile, I did a bunch of festival-related work here at home, Remoting in to the office.

The important thing I needed to get done was setting up a Profile for Jason, our new staff person, who will be starting next week. (Donn is coming in tomorrow to profile him on the computer, but he can't do his job until I actually CREATE the Profile for him to use.) I also have to add Jason to the Staff Page at our website (and remove Marissa, which I hadn't yet done).

Finally I had to go into the Exchange Management Console and put Jason into the current staff distribution group. Adeena had mentioned that she wasn't getting staff emails, so I added her back. It's quite annoying (!!!) how the damn distribution groups will simply randomly dump members! Earlier on it dumped both Carol and ME (!!!), for example. I just don't get why Microsoft wouldn't FIX that stupid error!!! WTF? Are you kidding me?

They just don't care about older versions of any of their stuff. It's been an ongoing issue for me forever. We are a non-profit, so we'll NEVER have the means to be keeping updated. (Ironically, Microsoft is a Pacific Northwest company -- and our festival holds the number one special event in the Pacific Northwest. But I strongly doubt you'll ever see us getting a dime from Microsoft, as much as we could use the help and support. Typical.) Okay, enough bitching about Microsoft. You guys already know how I feel, anyway. Hahaha.

Remoting is a huge pain in the ass for me. I have to use a total workaround to do it now. That's another thing: Why can't Microsoft fix the damn Remote feature? I've only been saying that since 2007 when I took over IT management for the festival... (sigh)

I talked to sister Sue several times today. And to our friend June. And I gave clothes (including jackets) to Sue -- along with some non-clothing items (like flavoring for water). And I gave some pants to June. She gave me a bunch of undergarments (woo hoo). It's like all of us get a bunch of new clothes this way. Hahaha.

Actually, I did send a brand new blue jacket over for Candy to have (it still has the price tag on it, which is $199.99, by the way). And a really nice bag that was Marilyn's...

I got mail I'd been waiting for with paperwork to fill out. About time!

Donn and I also talked for around an hour. Prayers and good thoughts appreciated for Donn and his wife Denise. I'm really hoping (and praying) they don't lose their house!

Marilyn and I played our Sims game on our iPads and Zuma on the computer. Always fun.

Marilyn got the HOT STONES massage tonight from Amanda (who lives in Donald, Oregon). She drove out that way and went to the Woodburn Outlet to shop at Fossil on her drive to Amanda's house, so she could get a new wallet. She got the RFID Protected wallet from Fossil -- really cute, as well as safe.

Marilyn helped me reason out that I had a BAD package of syringes for my insulin. I tried a different package and could inject without pain, thankfully! I'll need to talk to Byram Healthcare about that...

Can't think what else I might be forgetting... Oh well!

We need to go do the 'magic hour' (midnight to one) for our game. It's just past midnight right now!

So that's it for today! Sleep well and sweet dreams, all!
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