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Nasty Rain This Evening! Quiet Sunday...

The highlight of the day? Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic to win the ATP World Tour Finals title -- and seal his spot as world number one! Marilyn, sister Sue and I were all VERY, VERY PLEASED about that! (woo hoo)

I'd imagine the Queen will knight him now. Or so Marilyn strongly believes!

We spent a pretty quiet day today. We both did our hair (washed, dried and styled), always a good thing. (smile)

And we watched TV and played on our iPads (surprise).

This evening we drove to Safeway to pick up a few things. It was AWFUL driving in the pouring rain! And it was so dark and nasty out there. This was more than just rain, it was a storm that made it 'white-knuckle' driving (as Marilyn called it). We were VERY GLAD to get back home again!

We got Chinese food at Safeway, but it was bad, I'm sorry to say. Oh well. It's never good on Sundays or in the evenings, so I knew better. But I just didn't care.

We also picked up a small pumpkin pie and some Cool Whip. Sounds like a good idea, right? (grin)

We're planning to go into the office tomorrow night for a couple of hours, then work all day on Tuesday. Then we'll leave for the beach house on Wednesday. (Hopefully the traffic won't be too bad, nor the weather conditions!!!)

I can't think what I'm forgetting to share. But that's all that comes to mind.

This was the fourth day in a row that my insulin injection HURT when I did it. I have no clue WHY!

I got some liquid Tang that you squeeze into a water bottle to drink. It really takes me back to the days when we drank Tang. Gertrude Schoeler (my wonderful art teacher in high school) ALWAYS drank Tang, and often shared a glass with me. (smile) For the record, it doesn't taste that great, really. There are many other drinks that are better. I guess I'd call it an acquired taste!

We watched a bunch of Harry Potter on TV today. Gotta love Harry Potter!!!

Sweet dreams, friends!
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