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The Creston Elementary School Bazaar

Marilyn and I went to the Creston Elementary School Bazaar today, arriving slightly before 11:00. It was interesting trying to figure out how to get there, but Marilyn found it!

Alexandre (Zandre) -- Christine's son and my buddy -- had his own booth and was selling his paperclip art, which is frankly AMAZING!!! Marilyn and I each got one of his pieces, then I put several on hold that I'll pay for later.

By the way, I was embarrassed to discover I've been spelling Zandre's name WRONG all this time (I was writing Zander). I believe strongly that you should always try to spell names correctly...

Zandre just turned 18! He's growing up so fast. He's a very good friend and I really love him! And his art is incredible. I need to take photos and share, for sure!

Christine told us the school called her and told her they could no longer fund his hobby, making things with paperclips. Hahaha. No doubt! He uses a TON of paperclips in his creations!

Interesting note: Ages ago I found a paperclip item on my desk and Christine told me Zandre had made it for me! It's been on my desk (at work) ever since. It's a cat. So he's been doing this a long time...

Two of Steven's kids attend Creston -- and his wife Michelle was the event producer for this bazaar.

We'd rushed to be there before 11:00, because we'd been told there would be entertainment then. A small group of the children with a teacher playing the guitar sang some songs for everyone. It was really sweet!!!

After we left we ended up driving by the Original Taco House and deciding to eat there. So Marilyn took me to lunch! She goes there once a month with her friends Gail and Marcia, but I hadn't been there in years.

Then we came home and relaxed, watching TV and playing on our iPads. And I took a LONG nap, which was lovely!

Saturday nights we have our usual television routine, watching all the shows on METV. The Svengoolie movie tonight was hilarious! It was an old black and white and the T-Rex was a man in a dinosaur suit! Really horrible special effects and played like a drama. Very funny stuff.

We ate leftovers for dinner which were yummy. And had popcorn, too.

We'd been thinking about driving down just for the night to the beach house. But I slept too late for that. But we may go down tomorrow night. Then we could go to the new 'Harry Potter world' movie with Adeena (it's playing in Seaside) and stay over night, coming home the next day... Adeena is okay with the idea -- but we feel a little bad crashing her mini-vacation away by herself. She doesn't get many chances to just be alone, after all...

Obviously we did NOT get to the office today -- so we'll need to do that tomorrow, during the day!

I'm going to FORCE MYSELF not to watch all the 'red eye TV' things on METV tonight. I can easily stay up ALL NIGHT LONG, every single Saturday night, watching old TV shows!!! I just love it so much.

But I'm off to bed as soon as I finish this (it's currently 1:30 a.m.).

Sleep well, everybody!
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