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Cleaning My Bedroom! I Made Some Progress Today...

I started in very early working on my bedroom, going pretty slowly. I still haven't got my normal strength or energy back, I'm afraid. And there's constant pain with bending and lifting. Not complaining, mind you. Just by way of information. I'm sure it will continue to improve over time...

I took a break at one point. I heard a truck outside the house, so I threw on jeans and went out, thinking it was Hector. I wanted to remind him to trim the tree branches hanging over the alley where people drive all the time. But it was that guy that works on the neighbor's house across the street (he's so ridiculously 'afraid' of me -- give me a break, buddy, he's twice my size!). Anyway, I got out the clippers that expand in length and did it myself! So that worry is over, anyway.

Then it was back to the bedroom again. I was plugging away, wanting it to be somewhat nicer and more organized, at least. It still needs a ton of work, but it's a good start.

(In the late afternoon I was just DEPRESSED when I looked around. I'd been working and working and didn't feel I got as much done as I wanted to. Oh well. It still is a good start...)

I wish I had pictures to share! Maybe tomorrow... Or maybe not. I need to actually GO TO WORK at the festival tomorrow so Marilyn, Carol and I can meet and work through what I'll be doing with this eNewsletter we're going to put out next week...

Marilyn and I have also decided we'll be WORKING next Tuesday (and maybe one day this weekend, as well). Yes, we'll be on vacation (our annual Thanksgiving week vacation), but neither one of us minds. There's a lot to get done. Plus we're lucky to have the time off! And very much looking forward to our beach trip.

Adeena is going to take me in to work tomorrow, so I'll get to see her for a bit before that! That will be nice...

Marilyn and I did try to go to the birthday party tonight, but it was impossible. First, Marilyn had meetings and couldn't get home until these were over. Then we were in rush hour traffic (which was terrible!!!). And this was being held in a part of town with NO PARKING -- so you have to drive around and around and around and hope you'll find a spot. We were totally willing to walk several blocks, but there was absolutely NOTHING available anywhere. I'm not kidding. Marilyn was getting very stressed. Plus she was starving (she'd had no food all day) and tired. We had five minutes before the event was supposed to END when we threw in the towel and headed for home.

Marilyn decided that in the future she's simply NOT going to accept invitations to events that are held in places with no parking! It's so frustrating spending ages driving in heavy traffic and then not finding anything. We spent at least 45 minutes just looking for parking! Ridiculous.

We were sorry to miss our friend's 40th bday, but that's how it goes. Marilyn must work, after all. And she couldn't change those meetings. So...

We came home and she immediately started eating peanut butter on crackers, while I fixed dinner.

Tonight was garbage and recycling -- but not 'real' garbage week. The recycling and composting are out. It's VERY COLD tonight (I could see my breath out there!).

I was supposed to 'do' my pills today (set them up for another week), but didn't get it done. So I need to go put out pills for tonight (take them) and in the morning. (sigh) When I'm doing them all it takes me around half an hour (or more). Seriously. I have that many pills (including supplements) that I take. Oh well.

Off to bed soon. It's now 2:00 a.m. and I'm tired!

Sleep well, everyone.
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